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How to Play Carrom Board Game Online

How to Play Carrom Board Game Online


Carrom can be regarded as a game that is commonly played amongst families and generally involves striking and pocketing of the pieces. You get a striker just like you get in that of billiards but in billiards the striker is a stick and in carom it is a round piece of plastic. There are other small plastic round pieces that you have to strike up with this striker making them get pocketed and earning points for each pocket made. The player with highest points wins in the last and thus the game gets over. This game of carom has got too much popular online in a way that you never need a playing partner to play it online and instead you can choose to go for an online partner or the system software itself and thus with its increasing craze amongst people we are up with some tips for you to play it online in a better way.

How to Play Carrom Board Game Online

How to Play Carrom Board Game Online

1. Finding The Online Website:-

In order to play carom online, First of all you will need to find a gaming site and make an account on it to play carom online. Some of the carom playing online websites have been mentioned by me here which are as follows:-

2. Enquiring The Rules:-

When you are finished making a gaming account, You can choose to go for playing carom on your gadget. There are nine round pieces of white and nine round pieces of black running after a red queen in this game. The rules may depend from game to game, but the essence is always the same and that includes to strike your colour of round pieces trying to pocket up the queen along with them making points and saving yourself from making fouls.

3. While In The Play Mode:-

In play mode, You will either be connected to play with an online opponent sitting at some other gadget in some other corner of the world to act as your opponent while playing or you will simply be connected to a virtual player to act as your opponent. Now the match will take place amongst you both and the one who makes more points will win.

4. Remember Not To Do Fouls:-

There is always a decided boundary for you to place your striker and strike the pieces of your colour from this boundary only. Striking from wrong place or in wrong direction will cause a foul and thus even if you strike out the right piece, it would be put back on the board as the penalty of foul that you committed. The rules for foul may differ from game to game and you can read these in the rules section of the game.

5. Making The Victory:-

While playing the game, both you and your opponent will try to pocket the round piece of your colour and whosoever amongst you pockets the pieces of more scores will win the game. You can even choose to concentrate on the queen as you can get the maximum number of scores for pocketing it.


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