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How to Play Badminton Step by Step Instructions

How to Play Badminton Step by Step


Badminton is a sport that is played with a shuttle cock and a racquet. It is played either by two opposition players in singles and two players on each side comprising to be four in doubles. The players take their positions on the opposite halves and strike the shuttle with the racquets in their hands passing it over the net and this process ends when the shuttle touches the floor. The player on whose side the shuttle touches the floor, meets a negative point and thus the team with more negative points loses the match. This one is an awesome aerobic game and here we have come with tips for you to play it in a better way.

How to Play Badminton Step by Step Instructions (6 Steps)

Play Badminton Step by Step Instructions

1. Decide the place:-

In order to play the game of badminton, First of all you will need to decide a place. You can choose to go to some badminton playing field located nearby or you may choose to fix your own net in a space deciding the boundaries and choose to play the game in it. The choice depends on you but the rules should remain the same.

2. Know the rules:-

You should know all the rules of badminton before trying to play it in a way that without rules, there will be no fouls and the winning or losing point will get affected and the game will make no fun at all. Always remember that when the shuttle meets the net or web and falls down, It is a foul not a point and thus the shuttle will be tossed again in air. Remember the rules of servicing and while playing. This will make you professional.

3. Proper equipment:-

Make the usage of proper equipment in order to play the game. The plastic wires in your badminton racquet should be tightly fitted and the shuttle cock should have a smooth grip on it. The rubber end of shuttle cock should be fluffy so as to make shuttle rise much with each bounce in the air.

4. Begin the game:-

The game begins when a player makes a servicing which means the shuttle cock to be tossed in air making the use of a badminton racquet and then the other player tries to reach the shuttle bouncing it to the first player in the air. The game begins this way and the players try their best to keep the shuttle cock keep tossing in air like this only.

5. Calculation of scores:-

The player who is not able to strike the shuttle and meets a fall down of it scores a negative point and the player with most negative points thus looses the match. The points can be recorded on a paper while playing to avoid cheating.

6. Gaming tips:-

Remember to hit the very center of the rubber fixing at the end of your shuttle cock, This will make your shot go better. You should have a great stamina in order to move rapidly to the direction where the shuttle cock comes and you should try to hit the shuttle towards the back line. The rest is just practice and practice as it can really make you perfect.


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