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How to Play a Good April Fools Prank

how to play a good april fools prank


April fool’s day is celebrated on April 1’st. It’s the day when people try to make pranks with you to make you get befooled with their tricks. The concept of April fool’s day is as old as the time of pope’s origin itself, which was a period of around fifteenth century. Now, as this day is destined to be celebrated while playing pranks and making fools of others, you can also try enjoying this day by planning a prank for your near or dear ones to celebrate this day with them. Here are some tips which can be bought in use for this purpose:-

how to play a good april fools prank

How to Play a Good April Fools Prank

1. Plan a Prank:-

In order to play a prank on someone, you will need to work on plan making. An April fool plan can be any suitable plan provided it does not make you fall a prey to the danger. You can make a fake call to your friend in his girlfriend’s voice asking him to meet you somewhere or you can do similar something with any other such person. The prank should be kept funny, but less problematic.

2. Set the Perfect Apparatus:-

In order to make your prank possible, you will need to set perfect apparatus for the subject to come in your words. You will need to arrange the perfect feel for your plan so that the subject may get caught and he may come into the trap of words that you have laid for him.

3. Create a Realistic Feel:-

Your prank plan should give him a realistic feel. If he/she realizes your plan or gets an idea about it in advance, he or she can easily make your plan get spoiled or caught. There are always some problem creators who blackmail you to reveal your plan in front of others. This can be your younger brother or sister in most of cases and thus you should keep them bribed with chocolates in advance.

4. Involve the Subject in Your Action:-

Here comes the time to involve the subject in your action. Your words should be convincing enough that the person believes you. For example, if you are my friend and try to make a prank on you by saying that your wife has met an accident, when your wife is sitting in front of you, he won’t get befooled but instead he will start laughing at your words. You should be aware about each and every person’s place and condition who is involved in your plan and besides this, you should know how to involve the subject in your plan.

5. Take Help of Other Members of Family If Possible:-

The other members of your family can also sometimes help you to befool others. You can even befool someone who does not live with you. In some other cases, you can take the advantage of a habit or quality of any person in order to befool him on April fool’s day. For example, one of my friends is in a relationship. I sent him a message on his whatsapp application telling him that his girlfriend has found another boy for herself. He did not even wait for me to speak a single word more and picked up his motorcycle to reach his girlfriend’s house. He became an April fool like this as I knew how to take advantage of his weak point. You can also find one such weak point of others to make them get befooled easily.


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