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Plasma – Fourth State of Matter in Chemistry

Plasma – Fourth State of Matter in Chemistry


The fourth state of matter may be understood as the Plasma state. The plasma state is basically a hot ionized gas with approximately equal number of positively charged and negatively charged ions and electrons. The ordinary gases are different from the plasma state as they are composed of the electrically charged particles and are associated with electric as well as magnetic fields. Let us clear up the difference with the further things that I have mentioned in this article.

Plasma - Fourth State of Matter in Chemistry

Plasma – Fourth State of Matter in Chemistry

Getting Close With The Fourth State of Matter:-

Plasma is referred to as the fourth state of matter. This one is a hot and ionized gas that is associated with electrical as well as magnetic field. You may find the Plasma state as an outcome of the heating of a specific gas or a being subjected to a strong magnetic field that makes it get ionized and thus behave totally different from the other states of matter and thus this specific state of matter is named as the plasma state what we regard as the fourth state of matter.

The Difference Between Fourth State of Matter And The Other States:-

The first three states of matter are namely the Solid, Liquid and Gaseous state. The solids are closely packed with all the particles having no space between them, the particles are not free to move and are closely packed. The liquid state has got the particles slightly free to move and liquids take the shape of the container in which it is kept. The third state being the gaseous one has got the particles much apart of each other and these are free to move anywhere in the container where they are kept. The gaseous form ends the concept of the three states of matter.

Talking about the fourth state of matter, this one is a ionized state and it is accompanied with the dissociation of molecular bonds as well as the creation of negatively charged particles called ions. The properties of this fourth state are totally different from the other three states and thus it gets uniquely identified as the fourth state of matter getting named as the Plasma state.

Examples of Plasma State:-

Talking about the examples of the fourth state of matter, the electric sparks seen in the electric switches can be regarded as the best example of this state. The neon lights have got plasma embedded inside them so as to emit light and thus they can also be regarded as the example of plasma state of matter. Plasma is the most rich and abundant form of matter in the universe.

Properties of The Fourth State of Matter:-

The plasma state of matter is associated with the presence of charge grabbers that make it conductive in nature. Plasma state is found to be responsive towards the electromagnetic field which it is subjected to and it does not have a definite shape or a volume unless it is enclosed in a container as it happens in the case of liquids or gases.


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