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How Do Plants Get Nutrients from the Soil

How Do Plants Get Nutrients


Plants are living beings that cannot move, but they still make their food taking raw materials from the external environment as well as soil. They take gases, raw materials etc. and make their food from it in their dedicated kitchens what we call as leaves, but the questions that arises here is that how are these nutrients obtained by the plants and this can be understood in several ways, some of which have been explained by us in this article.

How Do Plants Get Nutrients from the Soil

How Do Plants Get Nutrients from the Soil

1. Major of the Thirteen Nutrients Are Obtained From Soil:-

The majority of nutrients that plants get are obtained from the soil and thus the fruits or vegetables that we obtain are obtained from soil only. We know that there are many minerals present in the soil and when the plants would be grown in the same soil, the minerals present in the soil would be obtained by the plant as well and the same minerals would be fetched to the fruits and vegetables that we get from the same plant.

2. The Remaining Three Are Obtained From Air and Water:-

The remaining three nutrients that the plants need are obtained from air and water. This includes the carbon dioxide, the sunlight, the water etc. These are the raw materials without which the plant cannot survive and getting these nutrients the plant is not able to survive.

3. The Function of Phloem:-

There are two components in every plant, one of these components is xylem and other one is phloem. Phloem transports the sugar molecules, amino acids and hormones, both up and down through the plant. The rest of changes occur in plants through chemical ways.

4. The Function of Xylem:-

The other component present in plants is Xylem which is responsible for the transport of water and minerals up from the roots to leaves. The water and minerals are obtained by plant from the roots and then bought in use for various purposes.

5. The Function of Veins in Leaves:-

There are veins in the leaves. The leaves act as the kitchen of a plant and there are dedicated veins in plants through which the nutrients and hormones travel to reach the cells through the leaf. The green pigment present in plants is called chlorophyll and in presence of sunlight the plants make their food with leaves being the kitchen or place where plants get their food manufactured.

6. The Food Is Made Through Photosynthesis:-

As I mentioned that the plant makes food in presence of sunlight, this process is called photosynthesis and simply all the plants make their food with the same process. The leaves are also used by some plants to store the unwanted stuff that they need to get rid of and then later on while the plant sheds its leaves, the same unwanted stuff gets removed.


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