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How to Plant a Garden for Good Mood

How to Plant a Garden


A garden can be regarded as a planed space out of your room that is used for the cultivation of plants and trees in it. It basically creates a green scape before your house and thus makes your life go pleasant with each coming day. Garden can even act as a playing space for your kids and can be a place for you to share some family memories and quality time with your family. In this post thus we have come with some tips for you to plant a garden for yourself that will help you plan for your garden in a better way.

How to Plant a Garden for Good Mood

How to Plant a Garden for Good Mood

1. Plant The Grass:-

In order to plant a garden for yourself, first of all you will need to select a suitable place for it. You can choose to make a large or small garden depending on the space you have and you can choose to make it in front of your house as well as your roof top or in the open. The first thing that you will need to do is to plant some green grass in this area. It is said that walking on the green grass with dew drops on it in the morning is good for your eyes.

2. Plant The Trees For Shade:-

Now after planting up the grass, You can choose to go for planting up some trees at the boundaries of this garden in order to get some shade. If you are making it at the roof top, You can choose to make a hut of fiber sheets and put some pots with plants in it.

3. Small Plants In Pots:-

After planting up the trees in your garden , you can choose to keep some pots in it as well. These pots can be planted with small herbaceous plants like the holy basil plant or Neem plant or even the other small plants that enhance the looks of your garden.

4. Flowery Plants For Mood Boost:-

It is the human nature that we get pleased seeing the blooming buds and flowers and thus I will like to advise you to plant some flowery plants to boost up your mood in this garden of yours. You can choose to go for sunflower or roses or the other flowering plants as well.

5. Separate Space For Kitchen Gardening:-

Planning to make your garden, You can even decide some space for planting the kitchen essentials. As we all know that the food products these days in markets are processed with chemicals and thus we can choose to go for planting some kitchen vegetables like spinach, coriander, Cabbage, tomatoes etc. in it. Use leaves or cow dung based manure in this garden for best production.

6. Some Garden Chair For You To Sit:-

Now when your garden is ready, You can choose to place some garden chair in it for your family and kids to play in it. You can even manage to bring some swings and place them in it in order to get entertainment stuff for your children to play in this garden.


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