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Why Physical Intimacy In Relationships Is Important

Why Physical Intimacy In Relationships Is Important


Physical Intimacy refers to the sensual proximity or touch that we make to our partner in a particular relationship. It can be taken as an act or reaction in which we show or depict our love or sexual attraction to our partner. Physical intimacy is important in a relationship because it gives you a chance to come closer to your partner. There is not just a single reason why physical intimacy in a relationship is important, but there can be several reasons to the question why physical intimacy is important in a relationship and some of those reasons can be explained as follows:-

Why Physical Intimacy In Relationships Is Important

Why Physical Intimacy In Relationships Is Important

1. Increases Love and Friendship between Two People:-

When we touch, kiss or cuddle with our partner, it increases the emotions of love and friendship amongst us. Now this act as a way of taking the relationship to next level. The sensual feelings related with touch, kiss or other such acts of physical intimacy thus help us keeping bonded with our partner.

2. Increases the Release of Happy Hormone:-

Physical Intimacy increases about the level of hormones like Oxytoxin, Dopamine, and And Serotonin etc. Oxytoxin is also called happy hormone which means that it can help us in keeping our mood regulated. Dopamine and Serotonin on the other hand act as a kind of neurotransmitter and relay signals from one area to another.

3. Reduces Stress:-

I have recently told you that physical intimacy brings about a production of good hormones, but it also slows down the production of bad hormones. Physical intimacy not just keeps your mood regulated, but it also brings about a reduction in Stress Hormones and thus keeps you more active and energized than others.

4. Brings You Closer:-

Physical intimacy brings you both closer which means there are fewer chances of clashes, fights and domestic quarrels. You both understand each other better like this and a kind of pious relationship gets established amongst you both where even your brains respond to each other actively.

5. Prevents Your Partner from Looking for an External Interest:-

Problem of affairs is prominent in a large scale these days in the society and as a result most of us are finding external affairs these days. Now when you are physically intimate with each other as a partner, an eternal bond gets established amongst you both which can never meet a break-up or divorce as you both become dependent on each other day by day. This prevents you from getting indulged in an external affair and thus your relationship stays healthier.

6. Keeps You Both Sensitive for Each Other:-

You both stay sensitive towards each other when you are physically intimate with each other. I will like to give you an example here. Some people are so habitual of watching blue films to attain sexual pleasure that their sexual organ stops showing any sensitivity to a physical person and instead shows sensitivity only towards professional models in those videos. Now when you get physically intimate with your partner, you don’t have to rely on such options and thus even your sexual organs stay sensitive towards your partner’s physical appearance.


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