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How To Make Your Phone Read Text Messages Out Loud

How To Make Your Phone Read Text Messages Out Loud


This is the world of technology and approximately all of us have got smart phones in our houses. Smart phone is a phone which is smart enough to help you do things in an easier way and your phone gets even smarter if it reduces your efforts and saves your time. One such option available with the smart phones these days is text to voice output feature which can be bought in use to make the phone be able to read text messages aloud when you ask it to do so. The phone will start reading those messages and your time will be saved. In order to make one’s phone start reading text messages, the following approaches can be bought in use:-

How To Make Your Phone Read Text Messages Out Loud

How To Make Your Phone Read Text Messages Out Loud

1. Download a Personal Assistant:-

Personal assistant software is available on application download platforms like Google Playstore etc. which works on commands that you speak or give in written to your mobile. The same software can read your messages aloud if you give it a command to do so.

2. Make Changes with the General Settings:-

These days, most of the Apple devices come equipped with an inbuilt feature of speech output setting.  You can make use of settings application provided in your phone to avail this facility. Simply open the settings application, click the general tab, scroll down and tap the accessibility tab, tap the speak selection option and then tap the toggle switch to turn it on. Your phone will become capable to read your messages after switching on this feature in it.

3. Download Text by Voice for Android:-

Text by voice is an application for android which can be downloaded once you log-in with your Gmail id in your device and enter its name as a keyword in search field of playstore application in your device. You can find many other such applications within the same list downloading and installing which, you will be able to make your phone be able to read your text messages aloud.

4. Copy Them to Office Suite Software:-

If you have office suite software in your mobile which comes pre-installed in most of the devices, you can copy the message in one of the .doc documents of this software and click on the sound output option provided in the menu to make the software speak what you have pasted on the document. The software will speak only the data that you have selected.

5. Highlight the Text to Make Phone Speak it up:-

Most of the applications require you to highlight the message or text in order to speak or repeat it in front of you. Once you have spoken selection feature enabled in your device, you can highlight any amount of text in order to make your phone speak it up.

6. Applications with Advanced Facilities:-

If you are too lazy to highlight the message text in order to make the phone repeat it for you, the best option available in such a case is to use Sonalight’s new application. “Text by voice” this software is completely handsfree and you can find many other such similar software within the same menu of your application store.


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