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How to Make Your Phone Private for One Call

How to Make Your Phone Private for One Call


In order to keep your calls private, you have to purchase a private number. This number never flashes on screen when we call anyone and instead the receiver just reads “Private Number” when someone calls him with such a number.

Private numbers are issued only to VIP’s and VVIP’s and they cost very much to a normal person which is why everyone can’t afford to purchase such numbers. In order to make your phone call private for just one time, you can’t manage to purchase a separate private number but you can surely keep that call private following the simple tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Make Your Phone Number Private for One Call

Make Your Phone Number Private for One Call

1. Block Your Outbound Caller ID from Phone’s Settings:-

In every phone call settings; there is an option to block outbound called ID. This option is located in every phone’s settings application and you never need to purchase a separate Smartphone for using this feature as this feature is available even in the smaller Java phones as well as other such phones.

2. Use Caller ID Hiding Software:-

The second approach to hide your caller ID for some time is to bring in use caller ID hiding software. This includes the names of softwares like “secret call hide caller id” software and “Hide my number application” etc. Just search about these names in application store of your phone or find some other similar software by writing “caller id hiding” as a keyword in its search field.

3. Mask Your Number:-

These days, many spoof caller ID software are also available on various application stores which can be bought in use by customers to mask their number with someone else’s number. If I make you understand the use of such applications in simpler words, these applications make it possible to mask your number with some other changed number for a particular period of time.

4. Dial *67 While On A Landline Connection:-

If you are on a landline connection, just Dial *67 adding it before any number that you dial and you can temporarily block caller identification systems from displaying your number by dialing special code when you make a call this way. You can even use caller ID block software to get benefited in this direction.

5. Make An Online Call:-

The best and genuine way to make a call without using any kind of caller ID is to make an online call with points that you get in a particular online calling application or just make a fake ID on Facebook and add the person in it to make a free call when he or she comes online.

6. Use caller ID faker:-

There is software called caller ID faker, which can be bought in use to mask your caller ID with a fake and un-genuine caller ID. You can research about this software entering its name on any search engine and all the specifications of this software along with the compatible platform information will be listed before you.


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