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How Philosophy Is Related To Science

How Philosophy Is Related To Science


Philosophy is the study of fundamental and basic nature of reality, existence, values, knowledge, awareness, reason, mind and language. A person who is philosophical will always find reason in every logic. He will use his questioning power or reasoning power in order to adjudge an argument. Science, on the other hand is the study of the structure and behavior of the natural and physical world. Both the terms, “Science” and “Philosophy” are interrelated with each other and rather I would also say that one is impossible without the other. The relation of science with philosophy can be explained as follows:-

How Philosophy Is Related To Science

How Philosophy Is Related To Science

1. The connection of nature with philosophy:-

Nature and philosophy have a definite relation. You can’t find an answer to any of your questions related with nature without being philosophical about it. In order to find the reality behind any specific thing or science, you have to be philosophical or else you can’t deal with it.

2. Philosophy can’t develop without science:-

Philosophy cannot develop without science. If any scientist completely eliminates philosophy from his field of study, his research will be limited to theory and there won’t ever be a practical experience gained at all. In order to generate reason for groundless beliefs, even science has to depend on philosophy.

3. Science can’t develop without philosophy:-

I told you earlier that philosophy can’t develop without science, but science also cannot survive without philosophy as well. Science and philosophy act as a kind of teacher for each other. Philosophy is born from new scientific discoveries and new discoveries are born from old philosophy.

4. Looking At The Past:-

If we try to trace the history of nature and social science, we will observe that all the researchers and scientists were both logical as well as philosophical. The discoveries used to be a fact when they were not discovered.  The hypothesis and theories with philosophy applies proved to train these scientists in several ways.

5. Science Co-Relates Philosophy:-

It would be odd to say that science is born from philosophy or philosophy is born from science as it will create a clash amongst the people who take either of these as a priority and thus It would be rather good if we say that science co-relates philosophy instead of saying that either of these two terms is born from each other.

6. Existence of Science Is Based On Philosophy:-

New science cannot be developed if you do not be philosophical. Some even stand in opposition to this statement and say that science no longer needs any philosophy, but I would like to ask such sensible souls, the creativity that generates a new discovery comes from science or philosophy? Obviously, philosophy generates thoughts and creativity while thoughts and creativity generates new discoveries called science.  Both these terms are thus inseparable.


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