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How to Persuade Your Parents to Get a Small Dog

how to Persuade your parents to get a small dog


To persuade your parents means to do something quite reasoning. In order to persuade your parents to get you a dog, you will first need to think about an argument that you will give in front of them for this purpose. Once you get successful in thinking about the perfect reason or argument to give before your parents, you can successfully convince them to bring home a dog. Parents refuse to bring home a dog due to certain reasons and all those reasons should be kept in mind while doing this. The tips described below will prove to be helpful for you while doing this.

how to Persuade your parents to get a dog

How to Persuade Your Parents to Get a Dog

1. Show All the Signs of Being Responsible:-

Your parents won’t ever agree to bring home a dog till they do not find you responsible enough to have a pet. When you bring home a living thing, you have responsibility of a mother on your shoulders. You should be able to feed the dog, urinate it and to look after its basic needs. Once your parents think that you have become responsible enough, they won’t ever refuse to bring home a dog.

2. Be Aware About The Type of Dog Breed That You Will Like To Have:-

Some dog breeds like Great dane, PitBull, German Shepherd etc. are known for their intruder dodging qualities. Some of these dogs have also been reported to attack their owners. If you have a baby in your house, your parents will always be fearful that the dog might prove dangerous for the baby. In such cases, you can suggest them with the names of less dangerous and friendly dog breeds like pug, boxer, Pomeranian etc.

3. Tell That Why You Need The Dog:-

Some of the parents are so conserve that they never agree to bring anything to their house till they are not fully convinced that it will be beneficial for the house. In such a case, you can make them familiar with the advantages that a dog will serve for you. Once they get convinced with these advantages, they will surely agree to bring home a dog.

4. Keep In Mind Why Your Parents Hate A Dog:-

If your parents hate a dog, they might be having a bad experience in the past with one such animal. In such cases, you should not argue with them in access, but instead you should try to convince them with soft spoken words. They will surely get agreed once they overcome that thought.

5. Who will look After the Dog:-

Most of the parents are also worried about the after effects of purchasing a dog. This includes the mites that dog will come home with, the urination that it will make at multiple places and the way it will bite or scratch up the things. In such a case, you should first convince them that you have become responsible enough to look after the dog and that you will be careful about your duties once the dog arrives.

6. Will It Affect Your Studies:-

Most of the parents also seem care about their child’s future. They worry that if they bring home a dog, you will keep on playing with it and it will affect your studies also. Study hard to overcome all sorts of obstacles between you and your academic record as If you are good in academics, you can also convince your parents to bring home a dog.


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