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How to do Permanent Straightening of Hair at Home

How to do Hair Straightening at Home


Hairs are a thing that approximately every women on this earth remains worried about and spends half of her savings upon. Hair make half of a lady’s beauty and when you have straight beautiful hair, your beauty stays itself defined. In this article we have tried our best to come with some home remedies to do hair straightening at home without doing any damage to your hair naturally.

How to do Permanent Straightening of Hair at Home (5 Steps)

How to do Permanent Straightening of Hair at Home

1. Arrange A Good Hair Straightener:-

Girls go crazy about their hair, I had seen a girl, who used to iron her hair after folding them in her towel at a minor temperature using an electric iron in order to straighten her hair, But these things always put you at risk. When you can spend loads of money on other equipment, can’t you manage to purchase a hair straighter?

Hair straighter is the best thing to help you with your hair, but remember, excessive temperature can even burn your hair so stay cautions and never let excess heat to spoil your hair. You purchase a hair straighter does not means you will do straightening regularly, excess of everything is harmful. You can choose to straighten your hair with it at weekends or while going for some outing, tour or parties etc.

2. Go Natural With Milk Wash:-

If you can’t manage to go for a hair straighter, you can go for a milk wash, milk is something that is available with each and every house. Just take some skimmed milk and wash your hair with it in such a way that it stays on your hair for some time. Wash them after some time, your hair are likely to get straighten. You can apply some good conditioner like Livon conditioner, etc. afterwards to add a shine and smoothness to your straightened hair.

3. Egg Yolk, A Boon For Your Hair:-

Take a few eggs and break the egg white, get the yolk and put it in a glass. Add some lemon and honey in the obtained yolk and apply it to your hair, let it stay as it is for some time and then wash your hair after one hour or so. Your hair will get straightened naturally.

4. Straightening Gel:-

These days, even some hair straightening gels can be purchased from the cosmetic shops. You may even Purchase some good chemical free hair straightening gel to straighten your hair. You can use some good shampoo afterwards to keep your hair silkier and shinier or you may even go for some good conditioner.

5. Honey + Aloe vera:-

If you have planted Aloe vera at your home, you can mix some aloe vera with honey and apply its gel mixture on your hair and let it dry for some time. Wash afterwards, your hair will get silkier and straightened. You can even go for herbal and pharmacy products in order to straighten your hair but remember to look for the online reviews of every product you purchase. Reading reviews can help a lot to determine the benefits and side effects related to a specific product and thus lets you make a smarter choice.


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