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How do you Pee While Standing Up

How to Urinate While Standing Upright


Boys do urinate while standing upright, but women have to sit in order to do the same. Well, gone are the days when women could urinate just while sitting in urinating position but now they can do this in the same ways as boys do this. All it takes is a bit of knowledge and a lot of practice. You can bring about a change in your urinating style following a change in your urinating angle and also by using special urinating tools or devices. In order to urinate like boys in an upright position, you can follow these simple tips:-

How do you Pee While Standing Up

How do you Pee While Standing Up

1. Pee Standing Assistive Devices:-

If you look by the online website based sale stores, you will find special urinating while standing assistive devices available at such stores. You just have to fix these at your vaginal area and you are able to pee in the same position which is followed by males. You can research about the name of such devices on the internet and you can purchase them by using your VISA or debit/credit card.

2. The change in urinating style:-

You can adopt a change in your urinating style to be able to urinate like a boy. Just control till the pressure builds up and then push yourself to keep the maximum flow. Keep practicing while following the same approach and you will be able to change your urinating style in a better way. When the build-up of pressure takes place, the stream starts to die and you can easily maintain the flow in order to pee like a boy while standing.

3. A perfect technique:-

Just establish the stream control by pushing with your hips or bumps. Just use a technique to place your hands against the lower abdomen part of your body and then use your hands to press and push the stream forward like a boy targeting it to the toilet hole. Let me make you understand this with simpler words. When we use a high pressure water pipe for cleaning out vehicle, the pressure in the pipe makes water guided towards the vehicle.

The same happens with a male penis. He is able to pee when he guides his urine out of penis with pressure. Even he will have to sit if there is no build up of pressure as else his legs are likely to get wet with urine drops. Just wait till pressure builds and then direct your urine to the urinal while standing.

4. Usage of a Peeing Toy:-

Just like sex toys, peeing toys are also available in the market which are basically of the same structure as a funnel fitted pipe. The funnel like portion is attached to your vaginal area and the lower pipe like portion is guided towards the urinal for urinating.

If you wish to use no such device, just unbutton your lower and bring the lower portion of your panties aside using your finger. Now you can easily guide your pee towards the urinal applying pressure and you don’t even have to sit in order to do the same.


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