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How Pedestrians Are Responsible For Road Accidents

How Pedestrians Are Responsible For Road Accidents


A pedestrian is the individual who tries to cross any road on foot without any vehicle. According to a survey, nearly five thousand pedestrians die each year in road accidents. Time and again, it has been noticed that majority of people dying in road accidents are pedestrians and even the car/bus drivers never take charge of any accident on themselves but blame the pedestrians.

How Pedestrians Are Responsible For Road Accidents

How Pedestrians Are Responsible For Road Accidents

The fault lies on which side, this is perhaps a topic of debate and thus here we are trying to adjudge and make clear how responsible are pedestrians for any road accident.

1. Pedestrians or Poor Arrangement:-

It would be a highly partial decision if we directly blame pedestrians for any road accident. An accident depends on a variety of factors and these include the condition of the vehicle driver, the condition of pedestrian, the path followed by both and the arrangement of walkways bought into use as a pedestrian crossing.

2. Construction Debris in the Walkways:-

With every ideal road map, there is a provision for pedestrian crossing which is marked with white zebra marks on the either side of the road. If there is debris positioned on these walkways, the pedestrians have to adopt some substitute path for themselves and if this path includes a rushed road, this can cause an accident.

3. People Using Two Wheelers Even On the Walkways:-

Yesterday night, I was coming from a Railway over bridge with a pedestrian path on the either sides of it. Soon I saw a scooter driver coming while driving his scooter over the pedestrian path followed by a line of tow wheeler vehicles after him. This is an offense, but still people practice it. People who use two-wheelers on the pedestrian walkways are actually inviting hazards for themselves as well as pedestrians.

4. Who Is Careless?

Even while crossing the road, a pedestrian should use the zebra crossing. If you follow the traffic signals carefully and adopt zebra crossing to crossing the road, no accident can happen to you in any case as the traffic system is based on letting passengers from one side travel at a single time and there is a dedicated time for each kind of vehicle or lane passengers to start moving ahead avoiding the accidents.

5. Rules to be followed:-

A pedestrian is responsible for an accident if he did not use the zebra crossing for crossing the road. He is responsible for an accident if he did not walk through the walkway and instead tried to move by the roadway. A pedestrian is also responsible for an accident when he tries to cross a road with mobbing vehicles instead of choosing an underpass bridge or waiting for the perfect traffic signal to be flashed.

6. The Miss-Use of Traffic Signals:-

People who miss-use the traffic signals or break the signals are always the right people responsible for an accident. This can be both, a pedestrian as well as the driver of any vehicle. If you maintain a perfect harmony with walkways and traffic rules, you can’t ever be bothered by road accidents.


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