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How to Pay House or Property Tax Online

How to Pay House or property Tax Online


House tax is the tax that we have to pay to the government for possessing any form of property. It may be a shop or a house. The tax slip would arrive after a decided period of time and you will have to pay the tax in time or else you would have the surcharges and fine added to it as a penalty and in order to make payments for the house tax, you may choose to go for any of the procedures including the offline as well as online mode of payment. The offline mode is the best of the knowledge of people including much of us and thus here we are explaining the online approach to do so.

How to Pay House or property Tax Online

How to Pay House or Property Tax Online

1. Reach the Taxation Website:-

There are special and dedicated taxation websites that have been issued in public interest by the various government departments so as to make them able to pay their taxes online saving their time for traveling. The web link for it in case of Chennai is and similar kind of web link has been issued for Delhi as well. Simply reach Google, note down the web link of tax paying portal and then open it up making a click so as to avail this service.

2. Enter Your Details:-

The Delhi government has got MCD as the jurisdiction for the payment of online tax and there are various corporations divided in parts like the North Delhi Municipal Corporation, South Delhi Municipal Corporation and East Delhi Municipal Corporation etc choosing the appropriate zone from which you just need to enter your details and then you can make the payments through your debit or ATM card.

3. Internet Banking Being The Payment Mode:-

As the process is online, the payment procedure is also online and in order to make payments you may bring your credit card or debit card in use which is your ATM card. Simply enter the code along with the one time password that you will receive on your phone and payment will be made like this.

4. The Basic Requirements:-

There are also some requirements that you need to fulfill in order to go for the payment of your house tax. These include the property record number, the taxation number and previous balance record if any. Simply enter the details that you are asked for and you will be redirected to the payment page for property tax online.

5. Make the Transaction and Get the Details printed out:-

Simply just making the transaction does not make you smart at all but you will also need to get the details of transaction preserved with you as well. Simply get the print out made with the help of printer connected to your gadget and get the copies of payment details be kept preserved to be shown in case there in some problem with the payment procedure or as a proof that you have paid the house tax in time.


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