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How Password Protect Excel Spreadsheet

How Password Protects Excel


Microsoft excels is word processing software that can be bought in use for making records and making calculations with formula based records. This software has been provided with a file securing option that enables us to protect the file made with this software by procuring a password and implementing it with file using the encryption feature. Now this feature protects the excel files in countless ways, some of which have been mentioned by us in this article.

How Password Protect Excel Spreadsheet

How Password Protect Excel Spreadsheet

1. Makes Your File Saved From Intruders:-

The password option in excel prevents the intruders from getting an access to your private files. Suppose if someone enters your system after gaining an access to your computer’s password, but the excel password is not known to him, he or she won’t be able to look at the spreadsheets that you have prepared.

2. Only the Person You Provide the Password Will Be Able To See It:-

The second feature of the password facility in excel is that only the person whom you share your password with will be able to view the file and make the desired changes with it. Suppose you run some office where the official works need to be kept confidential the most of times, you may choose to protect your documents with a password applied to them that will be known to no one but the trusted ones.

3. Without Password, Neither the File Structure Can’t Be Viewed, nor It Can Be Changed:-

Another feature of enabling a password with the excel is that neither the file structure can be viewed nor it can be changed without the access to the desired password for a specific file. Only the person who has got the password with him is able to change the file structure or to view or change it.

4. The Data Changes Can’t Be Made By Any Middlemen:-

In case there is any middlemen that works on the system after office hours or if you are sending the file via email to some system where someone is likely to be sitting whom you don’t wish to give an access to the written data, but just wish him to download the file for you, you can secure it with a password that you can bring in use to encrypt it and then when you reach the place, desired changes can be made after decrypting it with the password.

5. All The Access To File Blocked Till You Do Not Open It:-

All the sort of access to the specific file gets blocked till you yourself do not open it with the password or the person whom you tell the password and thus it enhances the privacy as well as reliability features of word processing.

6. A Better Option to Safeguard Yourself from Web Spy’s:-

There are some people who seek to spy your system and keep on having look at the private documents that you make and thus it is necessary to keep your files password protected. Excel proves to be a better option in such cases.


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