How to Create a Partition on Your SD Card

How to Partition Your SD Card


Partition refers to the way of dividing anything into parts and in order to have stuff be kept in your memory card at a dedicated proper place, you are advised to go for the partition of it in a better way. If you wish to have your memory card be partitioned in a proper way so as to get the most out of it, certain ways can be adopted to make it happen, some of which are as follows:-

How to Create a Partition on Your SD Card

Create a Partition on Your SD Card

1. Plug in the Memory Card:-

In order to partition your memory card, first of all you will need to plug your memory card into a memory card reader device and then you would need to plug it into the dedicated USB port for it. After the memory card reader gets installed and recognized by the system, you would be able to have an access to it from ‘My computer”.

2. Divide It into Folders and Sub Folders:-

If you wish to make partition of it based on the stuff that you keep in it. You can organize the memory card into several folders and subfolders renaming them for the purpose you have categorized them. Suppose in some folder you wish to keep the videos, just make a folder naming it to ‘My Videos” and make the other partitions in a similar way.

3. Use the Partition Technique:-

Another way to make partitions of your micro SD card is that you can use professional partition approach for doing that. Simply have the backup of the data from memory card be made into the computer and then launch the partition application selecting the SD card volume label. Simply delete the partition that already exists and make a new one according to requirement. Use the sliders to divide the memory card into new partitions and add the categories to the bottom of page.

4. The Partition Based Softwares:-

You may find several partition enabled software that can be downloaded from internet. The Simplest tools amongst these include the “MiniTool Partition Wizard” or the “ease us” software or you may even choose to go for some other similar software as well.  Simply download the partition software, install it and then run it within the device for partition to be made following the instructions specified and you will get sorted.

5. Get It to Some Professional Partition Expert:-

In case you find it difficult for yourself to have the partition done with your memory card, you may choose to get it to some professional I.T consultant in order to get it partitioned from him or you may even choose to go for the self-help videos in order to do it as well.


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