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Why Parents Pressurize Children For Study

Why Parents Pressurize Children For Study


Once someone asked me to define a child, but I was not able to define it. He then told me that a child is someone with an undeveloped and still developing stage of mind. If we believe to what definition he had given me, this would mean that a child’s mind is not fully developed and instead it is still developing. A person with a still developing stage of mind always needs to be consoled and counseled for everything as he or she never knows what is good or bad for him/her. Same is the case with our children. Being a parent, it is our duty to make our children aware of what they need to achieve in life and this is why parents pressurize their children. Here are some other reasons about why parents pressurize their children:-

Why Parents Pressurize Children For Study

Why Parents Pressurize Children For Study

1. Some Dreams That They Have Seen:-

When you are a in the stage of youth, you have many dreams that stay unfulfilled because of either lack of money or due to unfavorable circumstances. There also comes a time later when you have got settled and there is enough money earned and available with you. This is the time till which you have a child and you hope that he/she will fulfill those dreams.

2. A Fear of Getting Backward:-

Parents strive hard to make the status and to earn their bread. If your parent is a worker, he will likely to see you at the post of supervisor. If he is a supervisor, he will like to see you at the post of a manager. If he is a manager, he would like you to be the owner of a company. Everyone wishes something bigger for their children than what they have been able to achieve in life and thus they pressurize you to study hard.

3. The Expectations that they have from you:-

Every parent has many expectations of his child. He/she always expects your continuous growth and welfare. They have seen an age that you are still about to see. They have an experience that life is not a bed of roses and thus they wish to prepare for it in advance by creating a pressure on you for studying.

4. The Competition That They See Around:-

Though you are still young and unaware of competition going on in the field of further studies, but let me tell you that when you will go for higher studies, say university level or job recruitment level, even the one tenth portion of a single mark will take you a thousand times below in the cut off list. The world out of school is not as easy as it seems and rather you have to strive relentlessly in order to make status in the society.

5. To Secure Your Future:-

Every parent wishes to see his/her child on the top. They always wish to secure your future and thus they ask you to study hard. Your parents are never your enemy, but they just wish to make you what they want to see you becoming and because of this reason only, they ask you to study harder creating a kind of pressure on you.


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