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How to Paint a Room Ceiling

How to Paint a Ceiling


A ceiling is the top portion of a room. This one covers the four boundaries and is made at the top. The fans are fixed on this part only and that is why these are called ceiling fans. While painting the ceilings, the utmost care needs to be taken as this one can spoil the looks of the entire room if it meets a hazard and thus If you are trying to paint a room, a special kind of care needs to be taken. While painting the ceiling, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Paint a Room Ceiling

How to Paint a Room Ceiling

1. First of All, Use Sand Paper To Scrub All The Old Paint:-

In order to go for painting a ceiling, it is ok with a new made ceiling, but in case you are trying to paint some ceiling with old paint over it, this may prove to make you get prone to the risk of paint getting deteriorated over time and hence you are required to use a sand paper first of all with the ceiling to make the old paint get removed away and then use a scrubber to remove the remains of it as well.

2. Now Use the Wall Putty for the Areas with Cracks:-

There must also be some areas with cracks in them that you will need to get filled before trying to make paint be applied over them. Try fixing these cracks with the wall putty and repair all the cracks in a proper way to filling them with the putty mixture or quick cement.

3. Use a Single Coat of Paint first:-

Now wait for the putty to get fixed properly in the joints and then go for the initial or the first coat of paint over it. The first coat of paint is most probable to get soaked by the wall in case you have constructed it new and thus you may need to make a coat of putty over the wall first of all.

4. Go for another Coat:-

Now when the first coat of paint has been applied, there comes the turn to go for the second coat of it. This will follow giving the finishing touch to the paint that you have made and the ceiling will get perfectly painted this way. If you have got the plaster of Paris carvings positioned with the ceiling, you may need to put on the varnish first and then go for the coat of paint over it.

5. Keep The Appliances Or, Stuff Kept At The Floor Covered With A Piece of Cloth:-

The appliances and other stuff that you have kept below the ceiling are much likely to get spoiled because of the paint drops that fall from the ceiling and thus you are advised to go for the covering of all these stuff with a piece of cloth or tarpaulin or polythene or some piece of newspaper to avoid getting it spoiled. The paint brush bristles should be double checked to be in a proper way to have better finishing.


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