How to Paint a Professional Clown Face

How to paint a clown face


Clowns are comic performers who make people laugh and make them forget all their sorrows. Every clown face is unique, unidentified and they use specific paint to paint their face. Designers are ready to compete with the new trends and they are going to match the Indian women with the current trends. She likes to add style to her outfit and she wants to walk with the elegance in her attitude.

How to Paint a Professional Clown Face

How to Paint a Professional Clown Face

Create the true flawlessness, with the vision and enhance the look with the beautiful clown design. Eyes speak more than the mouth so add a bold attitude to your eye and create a new fashion statement. Fashion is always at the peak no matter, it’s freezing or scalding outside.

To learn how to paint a clown face, here are the steps:

  • Draft an outline on face
  • Fill in the outlines with white paint
  • Use black paint to define the eyebrows
  • Outline the smile and mouth
  • Rouge the cheeks, lips and nose
  • Correct any smudges
  • Choose a character
  • Make your face into a canvas
  • Create exaggerated features
  • Set your makeup each time you add a color

Different ideas to paint a face of a clown are


Design your child with an attire of dog. Start with the white paint around the mouth and enhance the look, and add black eyeliner to get tails and wagging.


Paint with white color on the face and use black color to highlight the eyes and mouth.


Design the face of the child with their super hero and enhance their look and confidence.


Vampires are always welcomed for making any scene complete. Add beauty  with the eye makeup and give a golden beginning to your fashionable personality. Design the child by drawing teeth and some blood so as to give a vampire look.


Decorate your daughter with the fairy who brings peace and harmony in your life. She  is ready to capture the world with progress and love.


Design your daughter in the costume of the witch so that they may win confidence. She wants to move with the styles, but with the custom touch she feels more comfortable.

This is the simplest way to design  and give a super-fabulous look and it will add beauty to the individual who never compromises with her look. Use of different colors will add beauty to the individual which will give a vibrating striking look.

Introduce  lavish look into your outlook every day and you will earn a glamorous look with the perfectly designed persona. Stylists launch a new design of fashion loves to design their overall look with perfect makeup for the people who want to make other people laugh  as today’s generation is busy and don’t have to laugh a while.  It is very necessary to have a positive environment, in the surroundings, so that positive vibes can flow through the mind. It is better to spend the time with the people who bring happiness to your way and lift you up in all the moments.


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