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How is Oxygen Transported by Blood In Animals

How is oxygen transported by blood In Animals


You must have heard about the fact that there is a content called hemoglobin in the blood, which contains iron in it and is also responsible for the transport of oxygen in RBC’S or Red Blood cells. In other words you can say that it is hemoglobin part of your blood, which results in the transport of oxygen to blood or you can take it as an iron containing oxygen transport metalloprotein in red blood cells of a vertebrate which makes the blood get transported in a particular animal’s body with content of oxygen in it. Let us discuss this entire phenomenon in brief.

How is oxygen transported by blood In Animals

How is Oxygen Transported by Blood In Animals

1. The Factors That Affect Oxygen Holding Capacity of Hemoglobin:-

The Carbon dioxide level of an individual’s blood, the ph value of his blood, environmental factors and diseases are some factors that can affect the hemoglobin’s oxygen holding capacity in any animal. The change in temperature or increasing exposure to carbon dioxide can result in reduced oxygen holding capacity of hemoglobin as well. Actually, hemoglobin works out with its components in order to transport oxygen in blood.

2. Iron Helps To Bind the Oxygen:-

I told you earlier that hemoglobin is rich in content of iron. Now this iron acts as an oxygen binder for blood. There is also a porophyrin ring that binds the globin molecules which in turn help to bind up the oxygen. The whole process is carried out in order to transport oxygen through blood in an animal.

3. The Disease Affecting Oxygen Holding Capacity of Blood:-

There are some diseases that affect oxygen holding capacity of an individual’s blood. These diseases include the diseases like Sickle cell anemia or thalassemia. In thalassemia disease, sometimes the doctors have to change blood in order to save an individual’s life.

Anemia is associated with the deficiency of iron, which in turn results in a lack of oxygen binders in an individual’s blood and even thalassemia is followed with such conditions which result in a lack of iron in an individual’s body.

4. The Transport Takes Place slowly:-

There are two types of blood in an individual. One out of these blood types is the oxygenated blood, which is rich in blood and the other is deoxygenated blood which does not carry any oxygen. More than required levels of oxygen in the blood is also harmful which is why it is advised that you take food rich in antioxidants. Even after getting dissolved in blood, only a small amount of oxygen is transported in this process.

5. Perfect Mechanism is followed:-

Human body follows a perfect mechanism for all this approach. Only a small fraction of blood is made oxygenated and all the rest of the blood is kept deoxygenated. Both these kinds of blood have their own significance. The mechanism of hemoglobin is highly based on carrying the oxygen from respiratory organs i.e. lungs and then releasing it to allow aerobic respiration providing energy or power for metabolism based processes and functions in an animal.


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