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How to Make Your Own Clothing Patterns from Scratch

How to Make Your Own Clothing Patterns from Scratch


The best way to design and drape your clothes is to develop and make your own clothing patterns from them. Customized and homemade clothing patterns suit the best for all. The variety that we can bring about in such clothing patterns is really creative. Making your own clothing patterns from scratch can make you get your own standardized fit and you can bring simply the best out of them. You just have to develop a design out of scratch and then we can make embroidery, designing or even color die on that specific clothing pattern to make it look really worth your breath. In order to make clothing patterns out of scratch, the following tips can be bought in use:-

How to Make Your Own Clothing Patterns from Scratch

How to Make Your Own Clothing Patterns from Scratch

1. Bring the scratch:-

The scratch material includes simply everything which is considered a clothing wastage for most of us. This includes your old short cloth material, your old zips with broken zipper, muslin etc. You can even use laces, stones and pearls to decorate you masterpiece later on.

2. Begin designing a dress form:-

We will use a pair of scissors to make a mark on available piece of cloth in such a way that we are able to use one piece of scratch cloth with the other piece of scratch cloth to make it a full length dress material. I have used the word “Scratch cloth” here because you will have to obtain it from your old dresses unstitching them to get the cloth and then to use it along with other piece/s of cloth to make a dress material of full desired length.

3. Draft your patterns:-

Dress in a polypropylene underwear and then pin the pieces of muslin to yourself in order to judge which pattern suits the best and which way you can transform your masterpiece. You can make joints with the help of sewing machine or you can even cut off a specific area of your clothing pattern from each pattern. For example, you can take neck area from a specific pattern and then you can pick up the sleeves from some other pattern provided they match up to give the desired pattern.

4. Take Inspiration from Online Pictures of Clothing Patterns:-

Just write the keyword “Best clothing patterns” on Google and it will take you to the most fantabulous patterns developed with clothing available on Internet. You can enlarge the pictures to watch them and to go through them in order to inspire yourself. Who knows when a new pattern idea may strike your mind.

5. Make Experiment with the Back and Sleeves:-

Most people complaint me here that the amount of muslin or available fabric with them is not proper or desired. To such people, I would like to tell and convey the idea that world today is going backless and even sleeveless. The trend today is of short dresses and thus you can develop a sexy outfit pattern for yourself even if the clothing material is available in a limited amount.

6. Prepare a rough structure first:-

Take a dummy and drape the pattern on its body first. Use thumb pins to attach the dressing material on it placing the scratch pieces of cloth in order to design a perfect pattern. Now you have to begin sewing only when you get satisfied with a particular pattern after arranging and rearranging the pieces of cloth available with yourself. You can use pearls with boundary of your dress’s neck or sleeve boundary and you can use zip with broken zipper with pockets after removing the broken zipper to make it enhance the show of your dress.


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