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How Overweight Causes Knee Problem

How Overweight Causes Knee Problem


Being overweight means to have weight in excess. When you have weight more than normal, you are called overweight. Overweight people experience knee problems the most. Knee is the small bone of your leg that runs alongside the tibia and kneecap and which joins your thigh with the leg. Knee joint often pains if you are overweight. Even scientists and researchers say that excess of weight can make you experience knee problems. Several answers can be given to this question and all of them are related with your weight. Here are some of those reasons to this question:-

How Overweight Causes Knee Problem

How Overweight Causes Knee Problem

1. Creates Excess Pressure on Your Leg Joints:-

Think about a scene where a horse cart has been loaded with excess weight. If someone keeps loading the cart with endless weight, there will come a time when the cart will turn upside down towards the side with extra weight and the horse will be hanging in the sky suffocating to death. Same happens with us when we are overweight. It creates excessive pressure on our knees and we experience knee problems.

2. Know How Exactly Knee Problem is caused:-

If I talk about the exact reason why knee problem arises, the cartilage of bone is responsible for this. Actually, the bones that meet in your knees are covered with a cartilage which provides a smooth and a gliding kind of surface for the thigh bone, kneecap and shinbone. When you have an excess of weight, this cartilage experiences more force and thus we experience problems with the knee.

3. The Release of Leptin:-

When we carry extra body fats, a hormone called Leptin gets released. This plays a key role in the development of health condition called osteoarthritis or arthritis, which makes us experience pain in the knees which often gets unbearable with time.

4. Promotes Inflammation:-

It has rather been seen and noted down that excess of body weight can result in a kind of inflammation of knees. This inflammation that results because of fats stored in body damages the cartilage resulting in arthritis. If you experience signs or symptoms like the ones you experience in the condition of arthritis, you should not wait for a perfect moment to go for a diagnosis or treatment, but instead you should fix an immediate appointment with a specialist of bones so as to get treated against this disease.

5. Increases Joint Problems:-

The joint of knee is a place where all this happens. When we experience a kind of damage of pressure on the cartilage of this area, the joint problems keep on getting increased and with this damage level, the pain associated with the cartilage also gets increased thus bringing about a significant rise in knee problems.

6. Weakness of Joint Bone:-

The knee joint bone meets wear and tear because of excessive weights which exerts a kind of force on the cartilage. Let me give you the example of a cycle chain to make you understand this. The cycle chain keeps on functioning properly till all the bearings are fine, but if one of them meets an excessive kind of force, it will get damaged and either the chain will break or it will get loose. The same happens with our knee in such a situation as when cartilage gets damaged, we experience knee problems.


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