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How to Overcome Your Fear of Heights

How to Overcome Height Fear


Height fear or phobia of height which is also known as Acrophobia or Vertigo is one of the extreme fear that an individual can experience. This fear generally takes grab of a person when he or she reaches an altitude, mountain top or the rooftop of a multi-storeyed building. This phobia can result to a person even when he is not particularly high up and it can even cause you a motion discomfort where you feel like you are unable to travel from one place to other because of height. This degree of natural fear can make you lose much in life and besides this; most of your friends call you a coward when you fail to overcome this fear. In order to overcome this fear, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How to Overcome Your Fear of Heights

How to Overcome Your Fear of Heights

1. Cowards Die Many Times before Death:-

I was reading one of the English plays yesterday in which there was a line “Cowards die many times before death but the valiant faces it only once”.  I fended it motivating enough for you and that’s why I have written it here. Whenever you feel any kind of fear in your mind about height, just tell yourself that death can come to you only once and thus you do not wish to die every day carrying this fear.

2. Go for Virtual Reality Therapy:-

There is a therapy called virtual reality therapy which can be bought into use when you experience a fear of height. The use of anti-anxiety drugs such as benzodiazepines and other such drugs can also prove to be a working option. Besides this, you should keep trying hard to break your fear factor in order to be able to climb heights.

3. Come towards Your Fear to make it go away:-

The best way to overcome your fear is to face it. When you try running away from your fear, it tries to dodge you back in one way or the other but instead when you face it boldly, it goes away. Fear is like two parts of a magnet. It moves towards you when you try to move away but when you try to move towards it, it starts repelling.

4. Have A Company to Feel Better:-

In childhood, we feared school. It was our parents who used to walk along with us to school holding our fingers and soon we became habitual of going to school. In the initial stage of your trial to be able to overcome your fear, you can manage to stay along with someone who can serve as a company. When you have a company, fear goes away.

5. Just Close Your Eyes and Take the Decision:-

If you have no company available to escort you, just close your eyes and meditate for a while. Watch out your goal and then take a few deep breaths. Tell yourself that it is now or never. Tell yourself that you can’t step back as else this fear will stay with you for the rest of life and you will soon feel motivated to achieve what you fear about.

6. Practice more and more:-

Practice more and more to make friendship with your fear. You can tie a rope and pulley with yourself in the initial stages or you can begin with a low level of height. Keep increasing the level of this height as you move further and soon your fear will get vanished like anything.


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