How to Order From Repmall Shop

How to Order From Repmall Shop


With the world these days getting so limited within hands with the gadgets operating on internet, the shopping style also has changed and people these days prefer online shopping more than the offline or shopping centre or shop based shopping. Repmall is such a shopping portal that offers you a wide range of products online from where you can choose the products that you need and get them delivered at your house. In order to make an order from this shopping hub, certain tips need to be followed, which are as follows: –

How to Order From Repmall Shop

How to Order From Repmall Shop

1. Get Registered:-

In order to start shopping from repmall store, you would first of all be required to register yourself on the repmall website and then you would become a member of it. You can even sign-in using your Google or Facebook id. The dedicated website for this purpose is

2. Go through the Available Range of Products:-

After you have become a member of repmall store, you can easily sign-In with the dedicated registered I.D and then you can go through the various products available on the repmall store which includes the Shoes, Jeans, jerseys, belts and many other such products needed in everyday life’s schedule an individual has got.

3. Add the Desired Products to the Cart:-

If you find a product presentable enough to be purchased or you need it, simply select its size and quantity or color. Select only if it has got the desired size that you have got with your body and if your size is not available, do not choose it. If you have made a perfect choice with your size, simply click the “add to cart” option.

4. Be Accurate and Double Check the Products Added To Cart:-

Be accurate while making a choice. Remember to double check all the details provided as a product’s specifications and then make a choice. Simply double check the products added to the cart and remove any product that you find wrong or you wish not to purchase it from repmall shop.

5. The Ways for Payment:-

After the desired stuff gets added to the card, just making payment would stay left. You can look if there is cash on delivery option provided or you need to make payment through credit card or ATM card. Simply write down your full and accurate shipping information and then make sure to double check it. Provide a contact number and then make the payment with Visa or MasterCard. The procedure is as simple as you follow while making shopping through some other shopping based website. Simply choose the products, add them to cart and make payments after specifying the delivery address.


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