How to Open Outlook in Safe Mode in Windows (4 Steps)

How to Open Outlook in Safe Mode in Windows

how to open outlook in safe mode in windows


Microsoft outlook is a personal information manager from the house of Microsoft. This comes available with the Microsoft Office suite and does not need to be installed or downloaded separately. It is normally used as an E-mail sending and receiving application, but also is equipped with a calendar, a task manager, a note taking function, a journal based function and web browsing function. All these function together make it a hub necessary for a web surfer and in some of the cases where the user is concerned about the safety while using outlook, there might be a need felt to use it in safe mode which can be done as follows:-

how to open outlook in safe mode in windows

How to Open Outlook in Safe Mode

1. Open the “Run” Option from Start Menu:-

For Windows XP, click Start, and then click Run. For Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, hold the Windows key and press X, then choose Run in the popup menu. In case you are using some other windows version, first look if it is available in the start menu or else simply press windows button plus “R”.

2. After the “Run” Dialog Box gets opened:-

After the “Run” dialogue box has got opened, you simply need to type “Outlook/safe” in the dedicated field in the run dialog box. After you enter this keyword and click enter, the outlook will be opened and that too in safe mode.

3. The After Options:-

After the application gets launched in safe mode, you will need to click “file” and then make a click on “options” and then the “Add-Ins”. Now, after the option gets opened, you will need to Select COM Add-ins  and when you have finished selecting it, there will be an option reading ”Go”, which you will need to click upon. There will be a list of checkboxes that would be either checked with tick marks or would be simply the unchecked boxes, make a click to clear all these check boxes and then click “OK” button.

4. Restart Outlook:-

Restart outlook after you restart the computer after making a shut down and even after opening the outlook application if the problem persists, you may take the help of control panel based options or else you may check the outlook settings once again. The same procedure involving the usage of “Run” dialogue box with the same keyword that I specified needs to be followed each and every time you try to open outlook in safe mode or else if there is some problem read with the software, simply note down the error code, put it in the Google search field and Google will tell you about all the possible reasons that may be underlying behind it to happen.