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How to Open .ODS File With Excel

How to ODS File with Excel


The ODS files are the files that are built in excel. ODS or the Open Document Spreadsheet are the files that are constructed with excel so as to have the word processing with spreadsheets be done in a better way. To have ODS files be executed with the MS excel application on your computer, you simply need to have the proper knowledge of excel and for that purpose you will need to make yourself familiar with the various aspects involved in the same. In order to deal with the OD files in excel, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Open ODS File With Excel

How to Open ODS File With Excel

1. Finding the file:-

In order to deal with ODS file in excel, first of all you will need to click the file and then select the open option and then the computer option and after it has been selected, you would be able to browse through the files. Simply select the name of desired file that you wish to select. In case you wish to see only the ODS files, simply click Open Document Spreadsheet (*.ods) in the file type list.

2. Click the desired file and then open it:-

Now, after the desired file has been found, simply make a click on the open button and then consider the formatting differences. The data content can be converted afterwards or you may even choose to change the format like this as well. Simply open the file, save it as the other file and you get sorted.

3. Switch your default file format:-

If you wish to switch to the default file format, this also can be done. Simply make a Click over the Microsoft Office Button, select the Excel Options and then Click the Save button. Under Save workbook option in the Save files in this format list, the format that you wish to be set by default can be chosen now.

4. Save as the new file if it reads to be the read only file:-

In case the file reads to be read only file and the system prevents you from making any changes to it, simply copy paste the data from it to a new file, click the save button and then delete the parent file. The new file that is a copy of the previous one will be a read as well as edit file available for making further changes.

5. Seek guidance from some professional if you are still not sorted:-

In case you are still not sorted about the fact how to deal with the ODS files, you may choose to go for seeking guidance from some I.T based professional in such cases or else simply restart the computer and try applying the same approach once again to check if it works.


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