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How to Make Your Old Clothes Look New Again

How to make your old clothes look new again


With growing time, the size of our body also gets increased and thus the clothes get shorter. There comes a certain time with each and every cloth from our wardrobe that we abstain ourselves from getting clad in it either because the sleeves are short or because the buttons get extra tight when we put on the shirt. In such cases, we generally throw the clothes or donate them. Though donating is also not a bad option as it makes someone get benefited, but we can even use those clothes again in order to get the most out of money spent on them by renewing them with a few approaches that I am mentioning here:-

How to make your old clothes look new again

How to Make Your Old Clothes Look New Again

1. Block Painting:-

Block painting is an art where we choose a wooden block with a specific design to dip it in a color of specific shade and then we use it as a stamp to print that design on a piece of cloth. If you are not wearing a dress just because its color is dull, you can make experiments with its cloth using block painting approach.

2. Stitch a Lace:-

Suppose there is an extra short skirt that you don’t wear these days because it makes half of your body feel naked. You can attach a lace with an extra breadth stitching it with the border of your skirt to make it look longer. Lace can enhance the beauty of any specific cloth item and thus you can use it with any specific apparel.

3. Give Them a Die:-

Often we stop wearing clothes because of an extra tough stain. In such cases we can easily transform the look of the complete dress using a die of a specific color. Let me make you understand this with an example. Suppose you purchase a yellow color shirt and mistakenly a few drops of red ink fall on it. The spot of ink won’t go even if you give multiple detergent washes to your shirt and in such a case, you will have to leave wearing that shirt, but if you instead die it with chocolate color or blue color, the shirt will soon gain a new tone and that stain will no more be visible on it. The shirt hence will become as good as new and you will be able to wear it regularly.

4. New Cuts and Fitting:-

Old jeans with cuts on them can be bought in use as a fashion. A jeans can be bought into use even if it has got hundreds of cuts on it refurbishing it with a little bit of thread stitching and little bit of pico done in order to enhance its looks.

5. Experiment with the Sleeves:-

If a full length and full sleeved shirt has been thrown out of the cupboard just because its sleeves have become short, you can use it as a short length shirt by trimming off the sleeves to half sleeves outfit from a full sleeve outfit. Pearls, stones and other such dressing material can be bought in use to decorate your clothing items for making them as good as new.


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