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How to Oil Your Hair for Healthy Growth

How to Oil Your Hair for Healthy Growth


Hairs are the most important part of a person’s personality as it is your hair style, only that defines how you are looking. The attire you are clothed in is not only enough to make you look presentable, but the hair style also means a lot and in order to have perfect hair, you need to have perfect hair growth and perfect hair care as well. If you feel doubtful about the ways that can make you have your hair nourished so as to have a healthy hair growth, you may choose to go for the following ways in order to achieve that:-

ways to Oil Your Hair for Healthy Growth

How to Oil Your Hair for Healthy Growth

1. Have A Perfect Mixture of Oils Prepared:-

In order to achieve a healthy hair growth, you should first of all prepare a mixture of healthy oils like mustard oil, olive oil, castor oil etc. along with all other hair nourishing oils and put it after mixing into a single container. This oil mixture would be bought into use afterwards by us in order to nourish our hair.

2. Have Hair Oil Be Applied To Your Hair One Hour Before You Go For Bathing:-

We don’t need to keep hair sticky all the time and thus you are advised to get this mixture of hair oils be applied to your hair one hour before you are to take your bath. Simply get the hair oil be applied from tips to roots along with the scalp, making each and every part of your hair come in contact with this hair oil and thus keep the hair as it is for one hour before you take a bath.

3. Perfect Massaging of Your Hair Every Week:-

The same approach should be followed once every week. If you are working women, you can try this out on every Sunday when it is a holiday. Simply nourish your hair and keep it for the desired time. Then go for the wash of your hair while bathing. Shampoo and condition your hair afterwards and they would achieve a healthy growth like this.

4. Never Apply Hair Oil over Wet Hair:-

It is advised that you never apply hair oil to the hair that is wet with water. This would cause the generation of dandruff with your hair along with the itching that will make you start pinching your hair. Go for some better chemical free everyday shampoo and it is better if you go for the herbal ones.

5. Perfect Nutrition and Perfect Hair Care:-

A perfect nutrition should be provided to the hair in order to attain a perfect growth with them. If you have got enough time for your hair, you may even choose to go for the application of neem water or egg yolk on your hair for scalp treatment and to make your hair thick, long and strong with nutrition and proteins that these stuff provide.


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