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What is Occupational Health and Safety Procedures

What Is Occupational Health And Safety


Occupational health and safety options include all the options to ensure the health of workers or employees in the working area. It ensures to foster a safe and healthy working environment and also puts an emphasis on the health needs of the employees. Occupational health and safety was bought in use in time when many people were getting ill or were getting subjected to an inhuman environment at their working places and thus it became essential to ensure health for them. It may also include a health cover for family members of the worker.

What is Occupational Health and Safety Procedures

What is Occupational Health and Safety Procedures

1. Deals with All Aspects of Health and Safety at Your Workplace:-

Occupational health and safety includes you to deal with all the aspects of health and safety at your workplace. Suppose you work near a furnace or your job is of welding the iron bars, it is your employer’s duty to ensure that you are using a protective eye gear and gloves. If you are a construction worker, it is your employer’s duty to ensure that you get helmet and gloves.

2. No Exposure to Asbestos in Some Countries:-

It was seen that an exposure to asbestos could make you prone to a cancer called mesothelioma. This increased the need to think about the health of workers at workplaces. Similarly, in glass blowing industries, most of the workers had to work near furnaces in dark rooms which were making them lose their eyesight.

3. Eye Protection, Safety Gears Etc To Be The Responsibility Of Company:-

According to a rule based on occupational health and safety, it is the duty of an employer to provide the eye protection gears, head protection gears and other safety gears to the workers if they are exposed to a hazardous environment at their workplace.

4. Maintenance and Promotion of Worker’s Health and Capacity:-

The first thing which is kept on a priority while judging the occupational health and safety measures is to check the maintenance and promotion of worker’s health and capacity. This includes providing a life cover to them in the form of free health checkups and medicines in order to enhance their working capacity.

5. Improvement of Working Environment:-

Occupational health and safety also includes the improvement of working environment. Suppose if there is a risk of hazard at the working place, then we should adopt the maximum number of measures to minimize those hazards. If a worker meets an accident while working for some employer, it is the employer’s duty to look after his health by adopting the curative measures.

6. Development of Organizations to Support this:-

Occupational health and safety also puts an emphasis on looking for the possible options to develop organizations to support these steps to enhance working health and safety measures. There are multiple unions build for this purpose which keep on checking the working environment of workplaces in order to enhance occupational health and measures adopted to minimize the danger level at any workplace.


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