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How to Obtain Marriage Certificate in India

how to obtain marriage certificate copy in india


In Indian society, there is a belief that after marriage, only a girl’s dead body can leave her husband’s house and thus after marriage, even the doors of her parental house get closed for her if she is dragged out of her husband’s house with some blame on her character or because of demands of dowry etc. A marriage certificate serves to be a proof when your husband or the other party refuses to accept that marriage had been made. It also serves to be a proof of change of name after marriage and thus it is beneficial in many other ways as well. In order to obtain a marriage certificate, you can follow these two approaches:-

How to Obtain Marriage Certificate in India

How to Obtain Marriage Certificate in India

1.  Consider the Age Limits:-

A marriage certificate is issued to you only if the bride and groom both belong to the prescribed age for marriage. The age for the bridegroom is 21 years and for brides it is 18 years. The applications of applicants less than this specific age are not considered. The cases of child marriages are also not considered.

2. Reach the Court/ Marriage Registrar Office:-

Here in my area, the offices of court judges, lawyers and registrars, all are located in the same office for secretariat. The location for such offices in your area can vary from place to place. In order to get your marriage registered, you will need to file an application in the marriage registration office of your area.

3. The Documents needed:-

In order to get your marriage registered, you will need to submit some documents like age proof, domicile certificate, residential proof, and photographs of both the partners along with the card of your marriage in the marriage registration office if you have already been married to each other. You can use ration card/electricity bill, passport or election card in place of proof of residence.

4. If You Are A Divorced Person:-

If either of the partners is divorced or this is a second marriage of anyone amongst both of you, you will also need to attach a copy of divorce certificate with your marriage registration application in order to get it attested by the registrar and to get your marriage certificate. If you are a widow/ your husband or wife is dead and then you went for a second marriage, you will also have to bring the Municipal Death Certificate of concerned person for getting a marriage certificate issued.

5. Submit the Application:-

Fill-in the marriage registration form with your photo pasted on it and attach the Xerox copies of all the mentioned documents with it. You may also be asked to be present with witnesses in order to sign a memorandum as a proof that they had attended your marriage. The registrar will sign your application then and after getting your application reviewed, the documents will be sent for verification and a marriage registration certificate will be issued on your name. There is also a provision for online registration of marriage in some countries.


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