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How to Obtain a Guard Card in California

How to Obtain a Guard Card in California


California is the most populous state in the United States. It contains the nation’s most populated county “Los Angeles”. Guards of California require having a guard card in order to serve as a guard in various areas of this area and obtaining this card is a not-so-easy process. It requires sheer hard work, skills and abilities from your side to be a security guard in California and the procedure of obtaining this Security Guard’s card in California stays the same for all guards. In order to obtain a guard card in California, these guards have to follow the following steps:-

How to Obtain a Guard Card in California

How to Obtain a Guard Card in California

1. The Licensing Authority:-

In California, security guards are licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services with short form as BSIS.  The same agency takes test from a candidate once he completes the course desired to be completed for this purpose and the same authority issues him a guard card once the test is cleared. You should never get confused with the term “Guard card” and “guard license” as people use both these terms often to address the same card.

2. Complete the pre-licensing courses:-

In order to get a security guard card or license, you have to complete a pre-licensing course first of all. This is referred to as a “Guard Card Class”. This class can be completed in a single day within a course limit in just eight hours with two sections. One is the power to arrest and the other is weapons of mass destruction.

3. Online and Offline courses:-

The course to obtain a guard card in California is available online as well as offline. You can attend the class offline while learning the ways taught in the class or you can even join the online course for the same. Online courses are available anywhere where you have a working internet connection and a working gadget with video streaming and web camera facility.

4. Pass out the written test:-

BSIS takes a written test from every candidate before issuing the guard card. Once you complete the guard card training and pass out the written test, a Live Scan operator will take your fingerprints and you will have to pay nominal fees as a charge of FBI and DOJ background check.

5. Provisions of application:-

Application for a guard card follows two provisions i.e. online as well as offline application. In order to submit an online application to BSIS or to gather more information about the same procedure, you can open BSIS’s online website by clicking this link: –, In order to submit an office application, you can bring postal ways in use.

6. Classes do not end even if you get a guard card:-

You have to take additional classes once you get your guard card. This includes you to undergo 32 hours of classes which deal with public relations, observation & documentation, communication, liability, legal aspects, patrol technology, officer safety etc. Once you complete the above mentioned steps, you can hereby use your guard card in any Californian area.


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