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How to Obtain a GSA Contract Number

How to Obtain A GSA Number


A GSA number is contract number that you are asked about when you make a sales call as a vendor.  This number is of a format GS-XXX-XXXXX. Federal agency is powered to ask about this number from us and “GS” here stands for general schedule. The next three numbers designate a specific schedule that you have been awarded with and the final five letters are specific to your company. Most of the agencies ask you for the GSA number in order to adjudge if they can work easily with you or not. An agency buyer will hardly show any interest in your proposal if you don’t have a GSA number and thus it is advised that you should apply for a GSA number if you currently do not have it. In order to find a GSA number or to get it, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How to Obtain a GSA Contract Number

How to Obtain a GSA Contract Number

1. Get a GSA contract:-

A GSA contract is a five year government recognized contract which allows you to do business with any federal agency along with the state and local agencies. A GSA contract simplifies the ordering process compared to the conventional federal contract and it also includes the GSA number as well as being on a GSA schedule.

2.  Finding the GS number for a particular vendor:-

In order to find GSA contract number for a particular vendor, just reach And once you reach this page, just enter name of firm in the search field and press enter button. Its GS number will get displayed in front of you on the computer screen.

3. Essentials for GSA:-

In order to be a GSA contractor, you should have some essentials to be fulfilled. For example, you should have 2 years of experience in federal contracting as a prime or sub contractor, you should have contacts with the federal contracting community, you should be working with a successful GSA contractor mentor and you should be able to invest and manage your contract properly.

4. Things to know about GSA contracts:-

Contractors experience competition in GSA contracts and it takes both, time as well as resources from their side. It is also not very much mandatory that all the government agencies will use GSA MAS contracts for their procurement and you are also required to have a desired capital available with yourself.

5. Participate in E-buy:-

The best approach to get connected with GSA is to participate in E-buy service. In order to participate in this service, you just have to enter E-buy link in one of your device’s web browsers. The link for E-buy is:-
just open the web page and get registered. Registering your contract with the GSA vendor support center is the first step and then you can post your MAS catalog on GSA advantage.

6. In Case You Have Any Problems:-

In case you are facing any problems dealing with a GSA contract or GSA number, just dial 877-495-4849 and get your doubts answered. You can also click  or you can even send a mail at [email protected] to get your questions answered.


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