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5 Steps Needed to Obtain a Driver’s License

How to Obtain a Driver’s License


A driver’s license is a document card which is issued to a driver as a proof that he is able to drive a specific vehicle. It may be a heavy license or light license depending on the vehicle that you own or are subjected to drive. If you are applying for a light driving license, the sub divisional officer has the power to issue it and it can be bought into use only for two wheelers and other such light vehicles like a personal car, but if you instead wish to get a heavy license for truck or bus or commercial vehicle driving, you will first need to reach the transport office in order to complete training and then only your driving license will be handed over to you. Here are some ways in which you can obtain a driving license:-

5 Steps Needed to Obtain a Driver's License

5 Steps Needed to Obtain a Driver’s License

1. Apply For a Learning License:-

If you have newly purchased a vehicle, but you have no license till yet, you should first apply for a learning license so that none of the cops may catch you if you move with your vehicle on the road. If any of the traffic police officials catches you without a learning driving license in such a stage, he will directly issue a fine challan or he can also bond your vehicle.

2. Reach the Driving License Office:-

In order to get your license made, you will need to reach the concerned office in your area to purchase the concerned form from the officials working in that office. Once you purchase the form, you will need to fill it and get it attested from a medical officer and attach all the requisite forms with it. Once the form gets filled completely, it can be deposited within the same office for verification process to be completed.

3. Get the Specific Form:-

For learning license, the requisite form is Form No. 1, For LMV-NT-CAR only license it is Form-7 Rule 16(2) and for an endorsement, you will need form no.8. For renewal or issue of a permanent license, you will need to fill form no.9 attested duly by a medical officer. You will also need the other documents like 2 passport size photographs, a proof of residence, date of birth certificate, affidavit, blood group certificate etc.

4. Complete the Training if required:-

If you have applied for a heavy driving license, you will need to reach the transport office in order to attend a one day training test for driving. Once you clear this test, your license will be issued. You will need to attend the same training again when your license expires to get it renewed once again. After completion of the verification process, your license will get signed by the sub divisional officer and it will be issued to you. You can get it laminated to save it from getting scratched or tempered. These days, driving license with holograms are being issued which are not in the form of paper, but thick card like that of ATM and thus you can keep them without lamination as well.

5. Use Your License:-

Your license should always be there with you when you are driving your vehicle. If any traffic police officer asks you to show it, you should immediately produce it before him. In some areas, you may also be required to pass a computer driving test, but it is not bought in use in the majority of areas and thus it can differ from region to region.


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