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How to Observe Children in Nursery

How to Observe Children in Nursery


In order to understand children, you always need to keep him under your observation. In Nursery, your child is under a still of continuous growth and in order to adjudge the level of your child’s growth, there is a need to keep him under your observation. This serves to be the best way to know how far your child has developed and how far his thinking still needs to be developed. To observe your child helps you a lot in order to be able to socialize him. You can observe a child if you are a parent or you can even observe him if you are a practitioner.

Children develop different kinds of relationships with different kinds of people and thus you can observe them one at a time in order to adjudge their development of mind. In such a time, you can follow the following tips to observe your child:-

How to Observe Children in Nursery

How to Observe Children in Nursery

1. Watch Your Child’s Actions and Expressions:-

While observing a nursery child, we should watch his expressions and actions first of all. His actions tell us how he lives in a crowd of strangers and his expressions tell us how he reacts with them. We can thus make an analysis if child is capable to make new friends or if he/she wishes to stay isolated from the rest of the crowd.

2.  Watch His Gestures and Behavior:-

His gestures and behaviors tell a lot about his social health. For example, if a child nods his neck in “No” saying gesture for everything, he lacks positivity or he wishes not to do anything. Such a trait in children can keep him lagging behind from the rest of the children and thus you can observe it to make changes in the child’s habits.

3. Listen to the Way He Talks With others:-

The way a child talks with others is also one of the ways that we keep in consideration while observing a child. This tells us how social the child has become and the way he greets someone when a new person comes towards him.

4. Join In With Their Play:-

The best way to observe a child is to join them in their play. Just play with them and keep observing the child’s actions meanwhile. If you keep observing a child from distance, he is likely to have an idea that you have kept a watch on him but instead if you reach him in order to play with him, he won’t even get an idea what actually you are going to do.

5. Ask Them Questions:-

Sometimes you can observe a child also by asking him questions. Suppose if a child is sitting alone on a desk while the other children are playing. In such a time, you should reach the children and have a talk with him. Ask him why he/she is not playing while all others are doing so and then begin asking all the other sorts of questions accompanied with it.

6. Begin with a Formal Friendship and End Learning A Lot about Your Child:-

Some children develop a habit of staying isolated from others and such children won’t even pay a heed to your questions or your presence if they don’t know you in personal. In order to have a talk with such children, you should go and sit with them first of all. You can wave a hand of friendship towards such a child then and then when you become friends, you can ask the child anything.


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