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How Nutrition Affects the Brain Mood and Mind

How Nutrition Affects The Brain


Nutrition refers to everything that we get from our food. This can include the carbs, the proteins, the carbohydrates, the calories, the Vitamins and simply every other kind of nutrients that a specific kind of food is rich in. The nutrition that we take affects the entire body and this includes the brain as well. A question that people generally ask me here is that how or what kind of impact this nutrition has on human brain and the answer is really simple. The nutrients that we take can have both, positive as well as negative impact on the brain and it all depends on the type of food taken. The ways in which nutrition can affect the brain can be explained as follows:-

How Nutrition Affects The Brain

How Nutrition Affects the Brain Mood and Mind

1. The Healthy Impact of Nutrients on Brain:-

Food items like egg yolk, wheat germ etc is rich in a significant amount of choline and omega-three fatty acids. These constituents of food items have been found time and again to be healthy for brain. In most of the health journals based on mental health and hygiene, you will find such products to be described good for brain health.

2. The Impact of Proteins on Brain:-

Protein based food items like Milk, Curd, Yoghurt, Eggs, cheese etc. contain a healthy amount of tyrosine and Vitamin-C. These two constituents of food are found really healthy and beneficial in production of neurotransmitters in the body. Besides this, they also enhance the process of carrying forward the signals between brain cells and thus prove to make a significant effect on the human brain.

3. Treatment of Brain Damage:-

The damage to brain because of free radicals and age related decline also gets affected by the food that we consume. The food items rich in the content of antioxidants bring about a fall in production level of such antioxidants and also enhance the production of brain cells protecting them from everyday damage.

4. The Energy Requirements of Our Brain:-

From all the energy produced in human body by food and nutrients consumed, approximately 20% of it goes to the brain for its normal functioning. Besides this, the cellular energy metabolism is also maintained by vitamins and minerals that we consume in our diet.

5. Impact of Good Nutrition:-

Good nutrition always makes a healthy impact on the functioning of brain. If we consume good food items, good nutrition is ensured for the body and in such a situation, there is no nutritional deficiency faced by the body. When there is no such nutritional deficiency reported in the human body, the brain gets enough energy for its functioning and even the cognitive abilities stay normal.

6. Impact of Bad Nutrition:-

If instead you take bad nutrition or if your nutrition is improper, the body will face a nutritional deficiency and there will be a lack of nutrients faced by it. When the body won’t be getting such nutrients, it won’t be able to supply energy to the brain and it will suffer cognitive impairment and besides this even our mental functions of the brain will get disturbed as well.


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