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How Does Nutrition Affect Children’s Development

How Nutrition Affects Child Development


Nutrition is the base for growth. Even a plant needs nutrition to grow from a small plant to a fully fledged tree. Nothing can develop in this world without proper nutrition and same is the case with a child. It is advised that the child should be fed only with the mother’s breast feeded milk in the initial stage of his life. It is because of the fact that nothing can be as nutritious in such a stage than the mother’s milk. Children who do not get proper nourishment often become a victim of diseases like Kwashiorkor and Marasmas. Nutrition plays a very important, apt and vital role in a child’s development and this role can be explained as follows:-

How Does Nutrition Affect Children's Development

How Does Nutrition Affect Children’s Development

1. Nutrition is much More Than Just Intake of Calories:-

Nutrition is not just an intake of calories, but it is rather a sophisticated way of providing the body what it really needs. We need nutrients in order to make the body grow like what it is supposed to grow. For example, proteins ensure muscular growth; Calcium ensures the growth of bones and so on.

2. Specific Nutrients Ensure the Growth and Well Being:-

Specific nutrients ensure growth and well being. The presence of “whey proteins” in a child’s food ensures how far and how quickly will it grow. Similarly, how far the muscles and tissues grow and how far the cell repair takes place is also ensured by the proteins that we take in the diet.

3. Even Over-Eating Is Bad:-

A complete nourishing diet is what every child needs. It does not mean that the child starts over-eating. He should be taught how to chew properly and how to get the chewed food get mixed with the maximum amount of saliva when it is in the mouth. He should be taught about the functioning of two pipes in his mouth and he should also be taught not to speak when eating.

4. Enhances Development of Intellectual Power:-

Proper nutrition in childhood ensures proper growth of intellectual power and creativity in a child while when a child is kept deprived of proper nutrition, he is not creative and has is not even possessed the intellectual ways. His mind functions relatively slower than others. Nutritional deficiencies can even have an adverse effect on a child’s senses like ability to see and feel as well.

5. Enhances Emotional Growth:-

When proper nutrition is provided to a child, it means we have enhanced emotional growth for him. A child with proper nutritional intake will always stay emotionally healthy while the one who is kept deprived of such nutrition will always lag behind in terms of emotional growth as well.

6. Enhances Psychological Growth:-

Proper nutrition also enhances psychological growth as well. A child with proper nutrition is always able to understand better what is happening around him. Such a child will understand a particular situation in a better way than the child who is kept deprived of proper nutrition. A child with a lack of proper nutrition on the other hand will react stupidly in most of the cases and thus nutrition plays a great advantage in development of a child.


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