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How Not To Get Fooled Again?

How Not To Get Fooled Again?


People in this world are so cruel that they try to befool you again and again. They think that they are over-smart and they can easily take advantage of others. Some are also always ready to cheat and make frauds with you as well. If such incidence takes place with a person, he is left shattered. His self-respect gets lost and he feels heartbroken. If someone has befooled you once, you should never let him befool you twice and thus here we have bought some tips for you to cope up with such situations and save yourself from getting be fooled once again:-

How Not To Get Fooled Again?

How Not To Get Fooled Again?

1. Take a Pledge:-

Stand in a prayer position and repeat this after me. “O god, I take your pledge that I will trust everyone only once and if someone breaks my trust one time, the trust will stay broken forever”. This pledge will keep on reminding you that you never have to get befooled by anyone.

2. Adopt the Same Smartness in Yourself:-

When someone befooled you, he must have applied some tricks of smartness or cleverness upon you to make you come in his talks easily. If you bring about the same character and quality traits in yourself, you will be able to think like the one who followed you and once you are able to build/recognize and understand such plans or pranks, you can easily fail them.

3. Befool the One who befools you:-

When someone befools you, you experience a loss of self-respect which can be regained only by befooling that person back. Don’t be too much quick in doing so and instead wait and watch for the perfect time to arrive. Once you get succeeded in befooling the one who befooled you, a strange kind of confidence will get built up in you which will help you not to get befooled again.

4. Fail Their Plans:-

The best way to prevent yourself from getting be fooled again and again is to keep failing other’s plans and for this purpose, you won’t even need to study any kind of rocket science at all and instead you just need to keep a watch and be cautious with others around you. Once you come to know what others are planning against you, you can easily foil their plan.

5. Stay in a Good Company:-

We mostly get befooled when we are in a bad company. Brats and villains often try to befool an individual again and again. In order to save yourself from getting befooled, you should thus try to stay in a good company as a good company means unexpected care and besides this, such people don’t even ditch you ever.

6. Have Someone to Trust:-

Know who amongst your group of friends can be trusted blindly. This can be your childhood friend of some best friend that you have made. Never get close easily with new people that you meet and instead take time to let them earn your trust first. Once you apply this rule to all people in your life, there will be less chances to get befooled.


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