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How to Not Lose Things in School

How to Not Lose Things in School


When we were school going children, it was but obvious for us to lose things in school and same can happen with anyone. If you are tired of your habit of losing things at school, you are surely in the need of some working tricks to keep your stuff safe. Actually, it happens because of a bit of carelessness and when we get careful enough about our things or accessories, they can’t ever get lost at any cost. Yeah, I know that one feels really embarrassed when he finds anything stolen or missing from the place where he had kept it and thus he has to borrow it even when he had bought it. In order to not lose things at school, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How to Not Lose Things in School

How to Not Lose Things in School

1. But A Pencil Case:-

A pencil case or a geometry box is the best solution to your problem if you are not using it till now. Most of geometry boxes these days come equipped with locking facility and even if they are not equipped with a lock, still they prove to be a better option for keeping all your class accessories at a single place.

2. Make a Mark on Your Pencil:-

Make a mark on your pencil with your mother’s nail polish. You can make this mark with a blade also but you should keep in mind not to get injured as using a blade is always risky. You can make any other kind of special mark on your pencil or you can even paste a special sticker of your choice on your pencil or pen to make an identification mark on it.

3. Write Your Name:-

Take the refill out of your pen and tape up a piece of paper around it carrying your name. Now place the refill inside your pen again and you will be able to identify your pen even if someone in your class tries to steal it this way. You can do the same with your rubber also. Just make a mark over your rubber or write your name on it with pen.

4. Show Care with Your Bag:-

Most of us keep our class accessories inside a school bag zip. Though this is a better option but still we can’t always manage to look after these accessories and thus if your bag’s zip has got two zippers, you can lock it up using a small lock. You can identify your sharpener by the identification number printed on its backside.

5. Keep Reminding Yourself If Someone Borrows Your Things:-

Most of us forget to take back our things when someone borrows it from us and even the person who has borrowed it forgets to return it in most of the cases. In order to save yourself from such issues, you should keep reminding yourself if someone has borrowed your stuff by writing a note anywhere in your school diary.

6. Immediately put back In the Geometry after Using:-

Immediately put back everything in the geometry when the purpose for which you had taken anything out from it gets finished. This prevents your school accessories from getting lost. If you have lost the entire geometry instead, writing a “Lost Notice” and pasting it on the school notice board can also prove to make some help.


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