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How to Not Look Awkward In Photographs

How to Not Look Awkward In Photographs


Awkward look refers to the inconvenient or bad or unfortunate face of a person. Sometimes while posing for a photograph, some people really make hazards with their faces. This makes them look deliberately unreasonable and uncooperative element of that particular picture. If you are feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable with your looks in a particular photograph, it will be awkward for you. Explaining in short, when you look alienated or problematic or uncomfortable and abnormal in any particular picture, it will be called an awkward one. In order to look better in such photographs, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Not Look Awkward In Photographs

How to Not Look Awkward In Photographs

1. Never Hate the Camera:-

Some people really hate the camera and an effect of it is seen even with their photographs. If same is the case with you, it is the high time that you start loving camera practicing some poses in the front of mirror as it can really bring about the desired improvement in your pictures.

2. Smile Please:-

Take your time to smile, pose and then finalize the click. Choose a right kind of person to make clicks. He should be able to learn your face and to analyze the right way of getting a click made. He should wait for the right light and click a picture only when you are at an ease. Pictures clicked this way are less prone to faults.

3. Keep Your Neck straight:-

This is a problem typically with the people with more height. They are not able to keep their neck straight while getting the picture clicked and this makes them look really awkward. Keep your neck straight while getting the pictures clicked and ask the photographer to give you a sign when your neck gets straight so that you may be ready for the click.

4. Quality of the Camera Used:-

Quality of camera, flash and lighting conditions act as a very much considerable factor here. We can’t go for a click till the lightning conditions are not perfect. If your camera has got better sensors, better quality of picture in mega pixels and a better resolution, this can make you have a better click.

5. The Effect of Light:-

You should always pose in an area where the light conditions are appropriate and proper. For example, we get a better click when we are standing in the open, but the click might be a little bit hazy or dark when we take it in a closed room. If there is less availability of light, don’t forget to switch to the flashlight mode or night mode.

6. Photoshop or Picsart Yourself:-

If you have already taken a click which resembled an awkward feel for you, just download a software of Photoshop on your computer or download picsart software on your Smartphone and use corrections features and color change features to remove minor facial faults and crop the picture in desired manner. You can make countless experiments with your picture using such softwares.


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