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How to Not Hear Yourself Using Voice Chat

How to Not Hear Yourself Using Voice Chat


Sometimes when we are talking over phone or laptop or computer or any other device using a voice chatting service like VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or online/offline internet calling service, we hear our sound back while talking to the other person. This generally happens when we are using an earphone in order to talk with the person. The phone I actually playing our own voice back in such a time and this makes us suffer a lot because we are not able to hear voice coming from the other person’s side. In order to save yourself from such circumstances and not to hear yourself while using a voice chat service, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Not Hear Yourself Using Voice Chat

How to Not Hear Yourself Using Voice Chat

1. Switch off the Phone’s Speaker:-

Sometimes when we have kept the device on loud speaker mode, the sound starts echoing and microphone receives back the phone produced by speakers resulting in the generation of a second sound which makes us hear our won voice back while chatting on a voice chatting application. In order to save yourself from such situations, we advise you to either use an earphone or a Bluetooth.

2. Sometimes Even Because of A Weak Internet Connection:-

When a person is on a weak internet connection and he or she tries to make an internet call through Skype, Line or applications like Facebook messenger or Whatsapp, the quality of call is really low and it takes time for VOIP servers to transfer your sound which makes you hear back your own sound or an echoed or disturbed sound. In such cases, it is better to switch to a more speedy internet connection so as to avoid hearing back your own voice.

3. Sometimes Even Because of A Network Fault:-

Hearing your own voice back is not common just with VOIP but also with the normal calling which is offline calling on mobile through SIM card. Actually it is caused because of either an error in network or because of a problem with speaker or mic of person’s handset and thus you can get your phone checked in such cases or you can even switch to a new network provider.

4. Switch Off And On the Device:-

Same problem happened with my friend a few days back and he called the customer care to ask a customer care executive about possible solutions to treat this problem. The customer care executive advised him to switch off his phone once and then to make a call. The call went back to normal and his problem got solved. You can also try switching your phone on and off in such a situation to avoid hearing back your own voice while voice chatting.

5. Make Changes With the Mic and Speaker Properties:-

Sometimes it might be the fault of your computer’s mic or speakers if you hear double sound while using a voice chat application and in such cases you can make changes with the speakers by clicking playback devices option and then clicking speakers and then right clicking it to reach its properties. Similarly, you can make changes with the mic properties of your device by clicking the sound option and then clicking recording option and then mic option to make a right click and then reaching its properties to make changes with it. A thorough inspection of sound properties in such a time is always a good idea.


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