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How to Not Get Viruses on Frostwire

How to Not Get Viruses on Frostwire


Frostwire is a free and open source Bit Torrent client first released in September month of year 2004. Now, though this software as such never contains any virus, but the torrents that we download with it can never be guaranteed to not carry any virus in them. Any virus can really have a negative kind of impact on your system and thus it is better to keep your system free from all such kinds of viruses. In order to make downloads while not downloading any form of viruses on this open source Bit Torrent client, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How to Not Get Viruses on Frostwire

How to Not Get Viruses on Frostwire

1. Have a Firewall Installed on Your System:-

First of all install a firewall in your system and keep it functional. Have a real time virus checker that is updated frequently and it will prevent your system from downloading viruses with frostwire. Firewall in deactivated state is never beneficial and thus don’t forget to keep it active when you make downloads.

2. Make Sure You Have Downloaded the Right File:-

Make sure that you download the right file and make sure that you do not hide extensions.  The software never itself asks you to download any virus, but if the file that you chose contains a virus, it can’t be taken as the fault of software. Be careful about extensions. For example file.mp3.exe will show as file.mp3 in most of the cases and despite it is a virus, you will take it to be a voice clip. Be careful with such extensions to avoid downloading a virus.

3. Never Download .Rar And .Zip Files:-

The files with .rar and .zip extensions should never be downloaded as they need to be extracted when you download them and who knows that a virus may be there sitting in one of those folders which gets extracted once you download the file and then it corrupts your whole system.

4. Never download From an Unknown Server:-

People who download from an unknown server always fall a prey to viruses. You should never make downloads from an unknown server so as to spare yourself from viruses. Unknown servers should always be kept at a bay while making downloads.

5. Torrents Are Safe But Files Can Be Malicious:-

Though most of the torrents are safe and they are not carrying any form of viruses in them, but still the content in them can be found malicious many a times as these can be downloaded from any server that the user chooses to connect with. Frostwire never creates, host or control any website or files and thus it all depends on your choice of content if it is malicious or not.

6. Check the File Size:-

Suppose if I download a video song “Waka Waka” by Shakira, it is obviously a song and it can’t be less than 3-4mb in size or even more, but if instead I am downloading a virus on the song’s name, it can be even as less as 20kb in size. Remember to check the size of file that you download with the original file size specified with the torrent or website and delete it if it does not meets the size specifications so as to spare yourself from viruses.


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