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How to Not Gain Weight While Fasting

How to Not Gain When You Are Fasting


Fasting is the way of leaving food items for a particular period of time. This can be done by completely leaving the food or by leaving it for a particular meal. Most of the people try fasting for controlling their weight, but rather it becomes a way to gain weight for them. There are many factors which decide, is you will gain or lose weight by fasting. In order to know if you will gain weight or lose weight by fasting, you should adjudge all these factors with the meals that you take. In order to not gain weight when you are fasting, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How to Not Gain Weight While Fasting

How to Not Gain Weight While Fasting

1. Does Fasting Makes You Overeat:-

It has been seen that some people try fasting in order to lose a significant amount of their weight but soon they meet an urge to eat more. Controlling your hunger for a specific period of time makes you eat more and thus you gain more weight instead of losing it. It is advised that you never skip- complete meals and instead you can reduce your eating amount while fasting.

2. The Way of Fasting Adopted:-

According to Jainism, we should not completely leave the food while fasting, but instead we should leave only a particular element of food while fasting. You can leave vegetables, grains or any other such element of food when you are on a fast. A liquid diet can also be adopted instead of solid diet in such a time.

3. Choose a Diet of Juices Instead:-

The best way to lose weight while fasting is to choose a diet rich in juices instead of solid components of food. The best specialty about such a diet option is that it is healthy and best absorbed by body. You don’t even feel hungry and even your body gets the nutrients that it needs.

4. Religious Fasting:-

Talking about religious fasting like that of karvachauth etc. Women choose to make fast on such days for some purpose. They are either subjected not to eat till they do not make a worship or they are supposed to stay without eating anything for the complete day and they have to wait for the moon to arrive in order to eat food. Now when they sit for eating, they over-eat multiple fruits, deserts, dishes and cuisines in order to fetch their hunger and this makes them gain weight instead of losing it. You should take food in small meals with limited amount of food in order to lose weight.

5. Observing the Change with monitored fasting:-

The best way of fasting is monitored fasting. In this kind of fasting, we monitor the changes in our body that take place because of our diet in the fast schedule. You can reduce the limit of your food taken in the night, but you should take complete meal within the beginning of the day. The course of food can be divided into three to four small meals and you can make other such changes accordingly.


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