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How to Not Break the Seal While Drinking

How Not To Break the Seal While Drinking


It is said that drinking breaks your seal. This statement is a myth for some while a majority of us take it as a reality. According to me, it goes the way you take it and if you obey some restrictions or rules, you can easily prevent your seal from being broken because of drinking. Actually seal gets broken because of flooding of human bladder or you can say inability of human bladder to hold liquid for longer. In order to understand this whole process and to not get your seal broken while drinking, you can follow the following tips while drinking:-

How to Not Break the Seal While Drinking

How to Not Break the Seal While Drinking

1. Drink in limits:-

We urinate more when we drink alcohol.  When we drink at a really uncontrolled level, say six to seven pegs in a single time, it is very much likely to break the seal as I have personally seen it that most of us are able to control peeing till we have not taken fourth or fifth peg of drink.

2.  Understand the Way Alcohol Affects the Sexual Organs:-

See, I will keep it very much simple. Alcohol is diuretic. It interacts with a hormone called vasopressin. Now when we drink, alcohol affects the sexual organs and especially the human bladder where the urine is stored before it is ejected out in the form of pee. Now when we drink, vasopressin hormone is not produced and this is the same hormone which controls the water in our body being sent to bladder and thus all the alcohol which goes inside the body is sent straight away to human bladder which results in the breakage of seal.

3. Stay Hydrated:-

If you drink more water and less alcohol in a peg, there are less chances that you will experience more urination because it will take time for the hormone vasopressin to be blocked and for bladder to be flooded. You can take as more as two to three pegs in a single time to spare yourself from getting your seal broken. If you take more pegs than this, we can’t say if you will be affected or not.

4. Control Dude:-

The best way to prevent any bad thing is control. Just like when alcohol starts eating your mind and when you become a victim of anger because of it, the doctor advises you to stay calm and reduce your intake of alcohol and similarly here also, there is one and only single solution for you and it is that you control your habit of drinking. It is ok if you are taking it on functions or parties, but if you are habitual of taking it daily in an uncontrolled amount; no-one can spare you from getting your seal broken.

5. Never Keep Hold for Long:-

People make various comments on the fact if we should urinate the same time when we feel like urinating or if keeping the urine controlled while drinking can also be done. Well, I won’t ever advise you to keep urine held in your bladder as anything which is meant to be removed by the body should be surely removed. Secondly, take only a limited and diluted amount of alcohol to spare yourself from getting your seal broken and you will get sorted.


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