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How to Not Be Shy Around Any Girl

How Not To Be Shy With Girls


When you feel like being nervous or timid in the company of a girl, it means you are feeling shy in front of her. This is not a new thing for us males to feel shy in the front of the opposite sex and instead a majority of us have faced this situation provided the girl is really beautiful or caring or if there is something really attractive about her. Though most of the boys learn how to behave in front of girls after some time and everything gets normal for them, but in case of some guys this feeling of shyness persists till last and thus they become a part of embarrassment in front of others. In order to prevent yourself from being shy in front of girls, you can take the help of following tips:-

How to Not Be Shy Around Any Girl

How to Not Be Shy Around Any Girl

1. Never take her as a Fairy of Fairyland:-

Most of us feel shy in front of a girl because we start giving extra respect to her. Most of us literally start treating a girl as a fairy or fairyland when we fall in love with her and this makes us feel shy. One side we are talking about the words like love and friendship which are the words of adults while the other side we feel shy showing the signs of immaturity. It is thus the high time you stop treating girls as a fairy of fairyland and instead treat them like any other human.

2. Meet her with a Formal Handshake:-

Whenever you go for meeting a particular girl, begin the meeting with a formal handshake. This makes her comfortable and you as well. I have seen many boys literally shivering in front of girls. It is because the girl is a bit extra frank as compared to them. If you begin with a formal handshake, this keeps you at an advantage and you never shiver while talking with her.

3. Don’t Get Nervous:-

Your another enemy here is nervousness. One gets nervous when he is going for some important exam, meeting or interview and most of us give the same importance to girls which is why we are likely to get nervous at this time. Never trust a girl like an exam and instead treat her as a normal member of the family. This will make you less nervous and you will easily be able to get frank with her.

4. Mirror Face-Off:-

Face off the mirror. Stand in the front of mirror and take your mirror image as the image of same girl whom you wish to make friendship with. Say everything you wish to speak to that girl in front of your own mirror image and keep practicing for some time. Now when she is actually standing in front of you, just think that there is a mirror in between and follow the same approach that you followed at home. You will be able to express yourself better like this.

5. Begin with a Friendship to Make Yourself Comfortable:-

Always begin with a formal request of friendship as no girl would accept your proposal of love in the very first meeting. Be brave and mature enough to make her familiar with yourself first and give her a glimpse of your qualities. Slowly keep making her dependent on yourself and this will establish a vital kind of relationship amongst you both where you can share simply anything with each other.


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