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6 Steps to Not be Jealous of Others in a Relationship

How to Not be Jealous of Others


When we see someone getting the things that we deserve, we simply get jealous and this habit is likely to make us loose many things in life as well. Being jealous is of no benefit, but can make us lose much of our temper as well as mental balance and thus there is a great need to go for the approaches that help you overcome this habit of yours and thus in this article we have come with some tips that will help you overcome this habit of yours.

How to Not be Jealous of Others in a Relationship

How to Not be Jealous of Others in a Relationship

1. Identify The Reason:-

First of all, In order not to feel jealous of something, you need to identify the reason why you feel like this. You might be jealous of the fact that your partner is sitting with someone else or you may be jealous of the fact that your elder brother or sister got something that you did not get from your parents. Reason may be many, but the solution likes in finding it only.

2. Try To Convince Yourself To Ignore:-

Now when you have found the reason out, I will advice you to convince yourself to ignore it. Tell yourself that you have learnt to give your things to others and that small small things can’t make you jealous. Learnt to give time to others and learn to ignore small things.

3. Don’t Loose Control:-

Sometimes our jealousy can even be the reason of our habit to loose self control. You need to put a check over this habit of yours first before doing anything. Tell yourself that you are mature enough to handle small things and that you know how to control your temper. This can help you a lot in order not to lose control over yourself.

4. Never Lose Hope:-

Those who lose hope soon, get jealous soon. Tell yourself that there is still a hope left. Learn to wait for favorable time and occasions to come and don’t ever lose hope in this time. If your brother got a dress from your parents, may be that they are planning something like this for you to be done another month. Or maybe if you are feeling jealous seeing your partner with someone, he may be doing it intentionally or may be that they are just friends? So make a habit of never losing hope. Keep telling yourself that good and favorable time will come soon.

5. Move On:-

Learn to move on and give yourself another chance to live. Try to make new relations and be happy with them. If you stay unhappy at home, you can enjoy with friends out sometimes or if there is some problem of partner related jealousy, even you can manage to find some flirting partner. Life is too small to be jealous, instead take your time to enjoy it.

6. Counseling:-

If nothing has worked for you, the next thing that I will advise you is to seek for proper counseling. Meet some good counselor and tell him what you suffer from. Work together on a better strategy and plan to get rid of the situation in a better manner.


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