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How to Not Be Intimidated By a Girl

How to Not Be Intimidated By a Girl


A girl can intimidate you in several ways. Intimidation is an intentional act or behavior intended to make you fearful about something. If a girl is trying to make you fearful by speaking about making a harm or injury to you, I will be called cowing or intimidating. The behavior might not be full of violence but it is full of terror for someone who is exposed to it. Sometimes a girl can really make you frightened and this act of intimidation should be really brought under control if you wish to live like a man. In order to not be intimidated by a girl, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Not Be Intimidated By a Girl

How to Not Be Intimidated By a Girl

1.  Live Like a Macho Man:-

Just live like a macho man. When a girl tries to intimidate you, never show any sign of fear and instead react like you are highly impressed by the way that girl is trying to imitate a particular villain of any film. She will really feel angry over this act from your side, but you still have to keep calm and laugh at every act from her side. She will soon get defeated like this.

2. Learn to Control Her Brain:-

Whenever a girl tries to intimidate me, my first approach is to try reading what’s going on in her brain and then I try to gain a control over it. You can also bring the same approach in use. Keep talking with her and try to make her do what you wish. You will soon get habitual in playing with such a girl’s mind.

3. Make a Bet with Her:-

Make a bet with her upon anything. Say that she looks really cute when she tries to make you fearful. Tell her that she can be miss universe if she wears a smile on her face. Make a bet that she will surely be hired as a Hollywood actress if she wears a make-up and behaves like a good girl. She will get irritated initially, but she will soon come to your talks.

4. Know what intimidates you:-

Someone has rightly said that men never get intimidates by a girl’s beauty and instead it is her attitude what makes us feel intimidated. In order to prevent a girl from succeeding in her act of intimidation, just make a pledge that you won’t turn your head downside in front of her. Though you can avoid eye contact but never show that you are getting fearful.

5. Tell Her She Looks Gorgeous When She Smiles:-

Even if the girl tries to raise her hand on you or tries to kick you, just hold the grab of her hand or kick and say that she looks really gorgeous. Keep preventing every action from her side and keep complementing her like anything. She will soon get defeated like anything.

6. There Is Always a Past of Such a Girl:-

Most such girls have a past related to them. Those who make others suffer always have a suffering past. If a girl is trying to intimidate you, there are maximum chances that she is a product of patriarchal or male dominated society. She must have a dominating or molesting father or brother or husband what made her start doing the same with others. Look, if same is the case with your girl and act accordingly as if same is the case with her, you can really change her attitude with your love.


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