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How to Not Allow Comments on Facebook Pictures

How to Not Allow Comments on Facebook Pictures


Facebook these days has really become a big social networking hub for sharing your memories connecting with many friends together at the same point of time. This can be done by sharing status updates, posts and pictures etc. and by letting others make comments, shares and likes on them. You upload a status or picture/video and soon your friends start making comments on it. You reply to these comments and thus you are able to take your conversation ahead. Sometimes, the same way of contact proves to be a drawback when instead of passing good comments, our Facebook friends start commenting something cheap or vulgar and in such cases, you have no option, but to block commenting facility for that particular person which can be done by following these simple steps:-

How to Not Allow Comments on Facebook Pictures

How to Not Allow Comments on Facebook Pictures

1. Make Your Personal Pictures Private:-

The best way to prevent others from commenting on your pictures is to keep your personal pictures private. This includes you to switch your Profile picture’s privacy to “Friends”. Once you make this experiment with your privacy settings, the people outside your friend list won’t be able to make comments on it. If instead you choose “Only Me” option for privacy, no-one including your friends will be able to comment your profile picture, but still it will be visible to them.

2. Disable Option to Allow Subscribers and Subscriber Comments:-

When you allow subscribers in your profile settings, anyone can subscribe to your updates even if his or her friend request was rejected by you. Such people are added as subscribers and they can still make comments, shares and likes related to your profile. In order to prevent such users from making comments on your profile, we advise you to disable option for subscribers.

3. Remove the Friend from Your Friend List:-

Apply privacy to your friend list as well as posts. Make separate friends category for each friend circle or type and use privacy according to your need with those circles. Once you do this, none of the friends out of a particular circle will be able to make comments on a particular picture.

4. Change the Privacy of Post:-

Just turn on the privacy for a post if you wish to make it invisible. In this privacy option, we set the privacy as “Only Me” and it won’t be visible to anyone. In point no. 1, we were talking about the profile picture and it was still visible after applying privacy as “Only Me” and just the commenting facility got blocked, but if we use such privacy options with a normal picture, it will completely get disappeared from everywhere.

5. To Turn off Comments On A Picture Post In A Group:-

If you are a group admin and if you wish to enable or disable comments for a particular post, just go to the post you want to turn off comments for and  click the  “∧” sign depicted at the right top most corner of it. A list of options will get displayed in a menu that appears after your click from where you can select Turn off commenting option to block all the other users from making comments on it.


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