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What is Non Renewable Energy Resources

What Is Non Renewable Energy


As the name suggests, the form of energy which cannot be renewed again and again after we have made its usage for various purposes, the energy is referred to as a non-renewable form of energy and this includes the fuels that we make use of as well as the firewood, oil, gas, mineral and metal ores etc. This also involves the fossil fuels and nuclear fuels etc. as these take millions of years to get formed again. The world today is moving towards the more conventional sources of energy concerning this fact only and to make you aware why we need renewable sources, let us get a bit deeper and know more about the non-renewable sources of energy.

What Is Non Renewable Energy

What is Non Renewable Energy Resources

Why Some Sources That Occur Do Again Are Still Referred To As The Non Renewable Sources?

The question that people often ask about the sources of energy is that we know that most of the fuels that we use are because of fossils that got buried inside the earth’s layer a million of years ago and that these fuels are easily available and present in earth in abundance, but still we call them amongst the non-renewable sources what is the reason behind that? Well to such people I will like to clear their doubts and tell them that though these sources are in abundance on the earth, but the way our expectations from these resources are increasing day by day, they will soon get finished and as they take millions of years of years to occur again, we regard them as non-renewable ones.

What Includes The Non-Renewable Sources?

As I told you earlier that all the sources of energy that we presently use, but which are either available to us in a limit or take millions of years to occur again are called the non-renewable sources of energy. The Petrol, diesel, kerosene oil and the other liquid fuels that we use and the natural gas, the other fuel gases, the firewood, the coal etc. are all the non-renewable sources of energy as though these are given to us by natural processes like fossil formation, but this process is quite long to wait for it to take place and thus we regard them as the non-renewable sources of energy.

Why Is There A Need For Renewable Sources?

We can’t use today’s available resources without thinking for the future needs. If we become selfish and start using the available resources without thinking about the future, the day will come when there will be no source of it left and the future generations will  just hear the names of these resources and it will take no time for the world to collapse and stone age to follow once again.

With the impact of the non-renewable sources in the contemporary world and the sort of comfort that these resources had added to human life, The life could not be thought to be possible without these and thus there came a need to look for the smart resources that are renewable and easily occur in nature and that too in abundance. This made us conserve the fuels for future purposes and rather have more and new conventional sources of energy for us as well as the future generations and this is why a need for renewable sources was felt.


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