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How to do a Nollie on a Fingerboard

how to do a nollie on a fingerboard


Just like you make your moves with a skateboard out in the streets or surfing sites, you can Nollie on a fingerboard as well. A fingerboard is a miniature version of skateboard that you can operate with your two fingers. In some cases where either the weather is bad or the parents are not allowing you to get outside, you may choose to stay satisfied with this fingerboard surfing with it on your desk using your fingers having fun with it and in case you are doubtful how you will Nollie with it, here we are to help you with that.

how to do a nollie on a fingerboard

How to Nollie on a Fingerboard

1. The Unfavorable Circumstances:-

Some boarders who are much habitual of doing an Ollie with their fingerboard find their fingers so accustomed to it that they can’t imagine their fingers can ever be able to go for a Nollie. In such cases these people find their fingers to get loose from the fingerboard what proves to spoil the enjoyment. This can be tackled once you train your fingers in both the ways.

2. A Slight Practice more and You Will Get Sorted:-

If same has happened with you as well and if you find your hand detaching from the fingerboard while trying to make a Nollie, you just need some practice to be made first of all. With each day that arrives, try shifting between a Nollie and an Ollie. This will make your hands and fingers accustomed to both the moves and you will be sorted.

3. The Exact Way of doing this:-

In order to go for a Nollie, you should first of all place your index at the nose and the middle in the middle of the board. Now simply roll the board forwards with good momentum Making the use of your hand and then snap the nose of board with a good pop then at the same time bring your fingers on the grip tape backwards.

4. Practice Makes a Man Perfect:-

Keep practicing in a similar way as I told you in the previous point. Practice by snapping the nose hard enough that your fingers have a hold to it in mid air and land while stationary. This won’t let your hand move upside while making a Nollie and even your nollies will be made as comfortable as you experience while doing an Ollie.

5. Even Your Friends can teach you A Lot:-

If you find it still a difficult task to make, you may try watching YouTube videos for the same downloading them from YouTube and then watching them to learn finger boarding. If you have got a friend who also makes finger boarding, you may try to learn it from him as well and a little practice will soon make you an expert in it.


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